Monday, February 20, 2012

My eggshell cracked

I like to look back at my last post. Exactly the first day I started school.
That was just over a month ago. I have been consumed.
Sometimes you think to yourself that you can take on the world, you see others accomplishing the same thing (if not more) and say to yourself "If they can do it, so can I".
Well apparently "you" aren't "them", so know yourself and set boundaries before your perfect eggshell of a brain cracks, and you ooze out all over your life, then your kids run through it and track it through the house, husband starts screaming at the kids for making a mess but is to over whelmed himself to stop and see the origins of the ooze, which happens to be his wife in zombies status cracked out over the computer screen not giving two craps about the Republican remedy for faction over Federalist #10.
Did I take my crazy pill today?
No worries. The flu this weekend slowed us all down. Was able to cast on a couple of knitting projects, prepare my spring wardrobe sewing projects, dream of sowing my garden for spring.
 (cause of course we get slammed with a storm this weekend that prevents me from getting outside and plant, and all I can think of is all that rain providing some loving hydration to the seeds which ARENT planted) <--- see me cracking on things? :)
Still hitting the gym everyday. Still getting homework done. Kids are still smiling. I'm still rolling in laughter from husbands lame jokes. Husband is happy with a new sonar for catching fish.
So life is good.