We all click on the "about" link to get into the soul of the blogger.

We think:
Will they show a picture of what they REALLY look like?
Do they have 5 kids?
Are they only 14 years old?
What does the husband/boyfriend look like?


Is she just like me?

I probably am :)

Me, Moi!, Christina is ...
a woman with ever growing hobbies and interests.
I love to learn new things.
Creation is the biggest drive that keeps me going.
Memories make my heart soar.
I have a love affair with my sewing machine
My husband is my favorite person.
I dont have a role model, but many people inspire me.
My children drive me crazy, but keep my heart bursting with love.
Love experiencing new places.
I long to run The Great Wall of China.
My dreams consist of me becoming an ironman and making summer dresses.
I get swept away with music, and limit myself to the likes of Nat King Cole and Louis Armstrong.
I am always doing something.
I dislike love movies. Boo! I know.
The Golden Girls put a smile on my face.
I refer to myself as Miss Piggy and the hubs as my "Kermie".
I long for the day that my children tell everyone how awesome their mom is.
Love to get lost in the curls of my daughters hair.

Really that list could go on forever.
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