Monday, February 28, 2011

Around the House Mondays : Round 3

Today when I picked up my camera and did a walk through of my house searching for things leftover from the weekend I was a little stumped.
All there was yarn.
And MORE yarn.
I bought A LOT of yarn this weekend! No worries it was on sale for $2 a skien, but still. Along with noticing that there was a lot of yarn, I realized that it consumed most of my weekend.
I made 4 caps, 2 of which I had to unravel because I was using the wrong size yarn and needle.
Do you like the bird/flower ( I really have no clue what that thing is) box? Found it at my Goodwill trip yesterday. I think it was a card box before, but now it contains my hair ties and bobby pins, ready for MARCH OF HAIR starting tomorrow!
Thats whats leftover this Monday morning around my house. 
What does your house look like?
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Around The House Mondays

It's O.K to Runaway

Cap- Home made: JJCrochet Pattern : Rachael (Free)
Sweater- Thrifted 
Top- Thrifted
Jeans- Forever 21
shoes- $3, dollar store buy
Sometimes its ok to runaway for a little bit.
I'm definitely one of those moms that believes in time away from your kids. I truly believe its the healthy thing to do. Or else, you just go LOCO!
Yesterday got to a point that I started twitching, and the hubs had to kick me out of the house. 
The kids were swinging from the swinging from the ceiling with animal crackers in there mouths, the hubs was in his own mental world blocking the madness out, and I was watching everything with my eyes popping out of my head.
My kids are like little tornados.
 The night before the hubs and I stayed up ALL night (3:00am) watching the first season of Dexter, so we were trying to sleep in. It was hard sleeping in, not because they were LOUD, it was because they were SILENT. Silence in my house is a bad thing, that means someone is up to no good. 
I ended up nudging the husband to go and check on Chloe cause I couldnt hear her at all, he stormed out of the room then all you hear is "OH MY GOD!!", I topple out of the bed and hustle down the hallway to the living room to find out 7x12 ft rug is encrusted with animal crackers. They had dumped out one of the costco tubs of animal crackers, and mashed the ENTIRE tub of them into the carpet. 
I was in shock.
We didn't say anything to the kids. I think we were both too stunned and tired to really express our frustration. 
So you see the day started with that and only got worse. When I left the house I sat in the car and created a game for myself. Goodwill & Borders are always my go to calm down joints.
Goodwill graced me with some AWESOME/CUTE fabric. Loads of it! Yesssssss! Thats my spring wear right there. Then I went to Borders where I hid in the back reading books on crochet, only to make a list of books worthwhile that I would order off Amazon at a later time.
When I came home I gave the kids a big hug, kicked the hubs out of the house (cause when I got home he was looking the same way I did before I left) and got so much needed errands done.
Moral of the story: Mommies need free time. No exceptions.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Round Two

mini skirt- Forever 21
Ahhhh, I can breathe.
Amazing how much a pair of blue tights and a yellow mini skirt can relax the nerves.
Or is it the fact that I was walking into Joanns & DSW in these pictures?
I think it had to be my partner in crime Denice, our crimes being that we spend our husbands money... hehehehe.
So Denice + Yellow Mini skirt = equal a great time.
Add a box of thin mint cookies and your in heaven.
Can I just say today was a good day?
We all dont have the opportunities to, but a time out with your gal pal and shopping therapy can really put a smile on ones face. Hence the cool aid grins above.
My goal for todays trip to Joanns was getting elastic & fabric (plus more yarn, dont tell hubs) to finish up my February Project list. As I read the list I'm falling short greatly on what I wanted to accomplish this month. But many other projects were completed instead.
So wish my luck as bust out 2 skirts & 1 dress within the next 2 days... oh along with an attempt on THIS pattern from JJcrochet.
Now to clean the red lipstick my daughter painted all over her face, she just ran by me screaming, looking like an indian with her war paint.
Is it bedtime yet?

Round One

Sweater- Forever 21
Blouse - Thrifted
Pants- New York & Company
Flats- Target
Today was one of those days I got dressed and was NOT satisfied with what I was wearing.
Was getting ready for a shopping excursion with Dear Denice, and she informed me that she was just wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, because it was cold. I took this information as a warning.
The warning being "Dont expect me to be dressed up".
Which led me to think "Maybe I should tame it down and be calm".
So this was my calm outfit. 
I was dreadfully uncomfortable. Even the hubs asked "where are the tights?"
Not until after taking photos did I realized that I had a yellow mini skirt waiting to be taken out for a ride...
So 2 minutes before Denice showed up I ran into the bedroom for a wardrobe change.
A lesson was learned today in not conforming whatsoever. It was crazy how much of an itch I had about wearing this outfit. There was no WOW. Do I need a WOW moment everyday? No, but I felt this outfit expressed a me that I didnt like.
Be yourself.
This was round 1.

Plaid and Parents

Blouse - Thrifted Vintage
skirt- handmade thrifted fabric
Jacket - Target
Heels - Rocker Shoe Dazzle
I really cant help but look at this outfit and think of the pictures of my parents (below). It had to be the blouse, high neck, ruffles. Oh, and maybe the hair, gosh I needed to do something with it.
Getting super excited for the MARCH OF HAIR! Till then I think I just keep the ugly hair looks and prepare for the hair craziness that will happy :)
Gosh I'm ready for some COLOR! Are you?
When is spring?
The Parentals in the early 70's

Friday, February 25, 2011

Running Shorts & Rocker Shoes

tank - Stroller Strides Bamboo Tank
Shorts - Pearl Izumi
Heels- 'Rocker' Shoe Dazzle
Heels and running shorts?
Why the heck NOT? It's the next big thing! Encouraging woman that they can workout AND STILL be stylish!
Alright, just kidding, but you never know, and if it DOES become popular, you saw it HERE first.
Last night after coming home from a late night at the gym my Shoe Dazzle box was waiting for me. The hubs tried to hide it, but once I saw a piece of what look like carboard behind him, I nearly knocked him over to get to it.
Again I was soooo impressed with the quality of these heels once I opened the box. I ran right down the hallway to my room where the full length mirror was to check em out. The whole time I have a big goofy grin.
Next thing I was hollering at the hubs to come and take pictures. He looks at me, still in my workout clothes and hair sweaty sexified and says "Are you serious?". "Um, yes, this it hot, get to work....slave...dont talk back :)"
He made it seem as though he didnt like them, but then later tells me that they are pretty hot.
I'm eventually going to have to do a whole post on Shoe Dazzle, but for now Go Here and check it out :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

March of Hair

This evening while sitting down and reading ELLE magazine I was inspired to stop what I was doing and get blogging.
I've recently brought up a project that I have had mentally in the works, I haven't shared it yet because I wasn't sure on how to approach it, but now is the time to bring it out and get everyone's gears turning.
Some of you can see the turn I've taken into sewing & fashion with all my sewing projects, and my daily outfits. With the small bit of knowledge and plenty of inspiration I have covered in the past month I've been inspired to create a small challenge to freshen up EVERYONE'S look.
I think all bloggers are very BUSY people, just like me. Being a busy leaves us looking, well not so hot. With this in mind, we are starting SMALL.
 No one needs to run out and go crazy with all the bold spring colors, or buy 10 pairs of wedges.
We are going to start from the TOP, and whats on the top of our head?
All that glorious, fantabulous hair!
Your thinking "eh, hair?" huh?
Thats ok, lets talk about it by answering these questions:
1.What is your regular "do"?
2.What is your lazy "do"?
3.Are those 2 the same?
4.Do you use oily hair as gel?
5.Do you own hair accessories?
6.Do you hide under a ball cap?
The Japanese Bun - My daily "do"
Think about your answers.  Are you NOT impressed with yourself?
Let me answer the questions:
1. My "do" is hair straight down, with a bobby pin on both sides. Little girl style.
2. The Japanese Bun. Pretty much a massive bun sitting on the top of my head
3. No, but before I started challenging myself with outfits it was.
4. I've tried ... but its nasty. I can't pull it off.
5. Do clips count?
6. Every other day!

When I stop to think about it, I'm pretty bored with myself.
Trying a different hairstyle is really the CHEAPEST way to give yourself a new look.
So here is the 
Hair Clean large
All during the month of March I will be trying and sharing different ways to style your hair & for all you crafty ladies I will be sharing a tutorial EVERYDAY on creating a NEW hair accessory!
Now I don't have ANY hair experience, I pretty much SUCK at it, so I will be on the search for ...
hair dos!
We will be learning together, unless you're already AMAZING with your hair....
Mostly I will be sharing YOUTUBE videos.  I totally think watching a video on hair makes things a little easier than just reading a tutorial.
We can do it!
Just the smallest hair accessory gives a new look and makes it look like you've tried!

Are you ready to CHALLENGE yourself to doing your hair EVERYDAY?
Creating 31 new hair accessories to your collection?
We are starting MARCH 1st!
So prepare yourself.

Project Restyle #1

Velvet Blazer- Thrifted
dress - thrifted
belt- Francescas
tights- target
heels- target
Yesterday I got dressed up for a Costco run, who doesn't do that?  Theres nothing like tights & heels to enhance the Costco experience.
Well here is my first contribution to the Project Restyle Flickr Pool
I've had that maxi dress for a little while now. Had originally wanted to make the bottom portion ruffled, but realized that I had no where near enough fabric for it. The hubs thought I was crazy when I had brought it home. He didn't see the potential!
Made my own on pattern on this one, though I've said that I need to get some patterns to work with, I can't help how convenient it is to make my own. I used the book Little Green Dresses for guidance. Its a MUST have for any seamtresses collection. It was really simple to make, now I want to run out and make more, adjusting widths, maybe adding some pockets :)
Remember I said something about scoring big time at the Deseret Thrift store on my way back from our weekend trip? Well I'm the proud new owner of that GORGEOUS velvet blazer. I looked up the maker and this sexy beast, it's a 70's vintage blazer in PERFECT condition. It was the first thing I saw when I walked in the door and walked straight to it. While I was holding and admiring a lady walked up to me and I said "I dont know you, but that jacket just looks like you!", I told her I thought so too!
I'm having fun :)

Black Kats Design
Transformation Thursday

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Its Wednesday already?

Its Wednesday. Wow.
With Monday being a holiday my internal clock is WAY off.
Wednesday.... hmmmm, I'm going to tell you a secret, these photos are from Monday night when we got home from our 10.5 hour trip back home.
I'm in the same outfit.
LOL. I changed into some "workout" clothes yesterday to make patterns and start on a dress that I plan on wearing to the gym today.... yeah, I am going to get all dressed up to meet the hubs and the gym tonight. Maybe I'll stop by Michaels, I dont know if I'll have enough time. :)
But anyways, I've been in pajamas all day. I need to hem a dress, shower during naptime and really get moving...
I smell like bleach and comet cleanser right now.
Hot, huh?

Little Bear

There are a couple things I need to get off my chest about Little Bear.
Is he the only civilized animal? That one bear family seems to be the only animals living in a HOUSE. 
Oh, and SOMETIMES he decides to wear clothes, is he going through the same stage as my son, on which he only wears clothing for special occasions?
As for the other animals, do you they have parents? 
Do they even have HOMES??? I just saw a skunk living in a cave, the bears should be in there.
Doesn't it belittle the other animals?
Why are they always mooching off Little Bear and his parents?
I sure as heck couldnt afford to feed all those tagalongs everyday!
Then you have the attitude with the cat, the know-it-all owl and the duck.... well she is blonde, "nuff" said. Oh, can't forget the bossy little girl. Poor girl is so bossy she doesnt have real friends, she has to wonder the woods with WILD animals.... again, where are HER parents? Who lets their kid spend the night at a BEARS house?
The kids love Little Bear. I don't mind it, but I sit here watching and wondering.... constantly saying to myself "WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS?!".
Am I the only one that thinks these things?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Around the House Mondays: Round 2

Before hopping on the road for a 10.5 hour drive back home I snapped some pictures.
'Around the House Mondays' is a weekly post of things that stood out to me that wrapped up the weekend.
Paw Paw & Abuelas boots. 
The look of both these pair of boots best describes in my in laws.
Paw Paws boots worn in, but comfy as though you could put them on yourself and felt as though they were made for you. Though they are worn in they have a bit of rustic, hard working charm to them, that always has a story to tell.
Abuelas has long black hair, clean, beautiful, short and as warm & welcoming as these boots. Though both pairs of boots completely different  they compliment each other perfectly.
Fishing was the main drive of the Hubs adventure up north. He dreamt of going up there and fishing to his hearts content. His dreams didnt come true, only Paw Paw caught ONE fish. 
The fishing poles will remain in the corner till the next trip, when hopefully the fish are awake?
My Miss Chloe LOVES her monkeys. 
She rescued this monkey yesterday from the museum.
The pack up. Need I say more?
This was the view from my bedroom window. Do you see anything?
I had hoped both Sunday and this morning to see Gidget wandering the in the brush...

These moments captured all left an impression in my mind this weekend.
Are there things still laying around your house left from the weekend?
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Elko Museum

Now everything on this Battle Mountain trip wasnt sad, we did have some fun.
Today we made a trip to the next town over. 
85 miles away.
The wonderful town of Elko!
They have a Super Walmart!!!! Seriously, I heart Super Walmart. Dont hate, you love it too.
Another thing they have in Elko is a museum. The best part, it was pretty empty today, so my crazy children ran around the place like they owned it.
Yes, I'm the parent encouraging my child to pet the stuffed animals.
"Pet the growling bear Ms.Chloe, say CHEESE!"
Remember I said my in laws are VERY entertaining, on my MIL would ask me to take her picture like this.
Apparently I'm the bartender stuck in this town and looking for this man to sweep me away. Take a look ABOVE the bar, I'm loving the jack-olope.
They are only taking a breather.
It was a MINI sewing machine!!
The best part about this museum was all the vintage clothing (my hubs thinks the best part was the collection of guns, um NO). I had actually hope to score these items at a thrift store, not have to stare at them behind glass in a museum!
Of course I had to share one of the MANY photos of the eyes half open.... AND the booger picker.