Sunday, August 26, 2012

Captain Hook & Princess Chloe

I live with Captain Hook and Princess Chloe.
Well Captain Hook also happens to be a super spy and "cool" guy, and Princess Chloe.... well shes just a princess that happens to be a mermaid princess at times.
The adventures I live with everyday. I truly am greatful for the imaginations they have, and grateful for the life we lead that I can encourage them to just PLAY. I did not grow up with being pushed to "play" or "imagine" ... Its one of the things I worried about when having children, with me not having much an imagination for playtime I was scared that I would not be able to understand or play.
Its a hard thing to explain, but I see them play and I am filled with joy. Even better is when my daughter comes up to me and invites me to play with them :) Though I just sit there, not wanting to break the spell they are under, and of course not knowing what to do, I observe, and thats all I seem to need to do.... Chloe leads the way and Mark comes terrorizing in ... now with a puppy in tow trying to bite someones toes off.
This is the life.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Crab Festival 2012

There have been times in motherhood when I have not had fun. Times when I desperately want to have a family moment, times when I want us all to be clean & dressed, out & about, beautiful smiling faces... These times dont come, very often. For me personally they are very rare. I can feel as though I might be the only mom that does NOT have fun with their kids. But deep down inside, we are all going crazy...
OK, away from my rant. This past weekend we had a family day at the 2012 Crab Festival. I took the kids there by myself last year. It had been hot and terrible, but I was so proud of myself of beating the heat and psychotic notions of my children. I had been alone (Mark was still in Monterey finishing his thesis), but I wanted to kids to enjoy the local activities.....
But this year Mark (the hubs) was with me, and we had a BLAST. It was the first time in a long time that I was constantly smiling and laughing WITH the kids. My favorite part being the bumper cars, I cant even remember the last time I had been on them, but we went, and laughed.
Aw, this past Saturday was a day I will always remember.
** Also looking back at photos from last year and seeing how the kids have grown put a tear in my eye. The days are LONG but the years go by FAST.**

Monday, June 18, 2012

If you got over your fear of injury

"Do you think I could be a fast runner?"
"I think you could be fast if you got over your fear of injury"
This is the conversation on the drive home from church yesterday.  I asked my hubs the question , and he responded so fast I was left speechless. Speechless because I knew it was the truth. 
Which left me looking back at the times I did push the limits.
First 5k ,Memorial Day of 2007, I ran so hard by bad knee was sore for 2 weeks. From that time on I decided to never run that hard again, thought that my knee was just not meant for fast running.
Then 4 years later, I ran a trail race, and near the end I was head to head with another chick. Going into the race I just wanted to have fun, but she thought she could pass me up in the end, I just wasn't having none of that. I ran so hard (and won) that once I crossed the finish line I vomited so hard that I pissed my pants. Totally NOT the greatest feeling, though my knee didn't hurt, I was in enough to scare me into pushing my limits.
But this is not who I want to be.
 I have grand dreams. GREAT crazy amazing dreams, and I know deep inside that they are possible. The ONLY thing holding me back is myself. Yah, I've got a bum knee. But I know what I NEED to do to strengthen it, its up to me to suck it up and get it done. The biggest thing right now for me to do, is to believe in myself. I have a great support team, awesome husband and little babes that look up to me. Gods blessed me with an athletic body, a body capable to achieve great things. What needs to happen now is to condition my mind, CREATE my goal and figure out how to get there. Bodies heal with time, now its time to battle the MIND.
Yeah, there will be times when I breakdown, but these trials will only make me stronger.
Today on twitter a PRSFIT NATION teammate posted this quote:
 Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail. -Ralph Waldo Emerson
Its time to get up, shake it out and keep truckin.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

How the Triathlon Seed was Planted

"Are you training for a triathlon?"
"No, I am not sure what that is."
"Well I see that you bike here to swim sessions, and I'm guessing you run. So I figured you were a triathlete. In triathlon they race starting with a swim, followed by a bike ride, finished with a run".
"Oh, no, thats to intense for me."
What I was mentally thinking "Lady, you must be out yo mind"
That conversation happened when I was 19. I lived in Ocala, FL. I had come up from college after blowing out my knee. I could barely walk around the block without knee pain, so I needed something to do and joined a highschool swim session, where I embarrassed the crap out of myself daily (all I could do was doggie paddle). To get to these swim sessions (and because the schools PT said biking would strengthen my knee) I bought myself a mountain bike from Walmart. This is where I developed a love for biking, there in the long roads in Ocala I started picking up mileage on my little mountain bike. On Saturday mornings I would see herds of cyclists and triathletes battle the heat and zoom by all the horsefarms that dotted the roads. The triathletes were my favorite,  they were so cool in their aero bars. At the time I didnt know they were triathletes, to me it was just cool handlebars. So I pretended to be like them, I would get down real low on my handle bars, try to tuck in and bust out as fast as my legs would take me. But I could never keep up with the roadies/triathletes on their fast bikes, and ended up riding alone. Alone but content, every ride trying to beat the previous time it took me, or just beast it up the "hill" of Florida. 
This is where triathlon entered my life.
Fast forward 2 years later. I'm living in Jacksonville , FL. Fell in love with a strapping Naval officer and became engaged. By this time my bike was left behind in Ocala. I biked only in my apartments gym center, and instead of swimming, just lounged poolside working on my tan. 
Then a blue Felt triathlon bike came into my life. Now it wasnt mine, but my Fiances. He purchased it as his last big gift to himself as a bachelor. I was impressed. Impressed because when I saw him in the bike, down in aero position, he was one of the bikers I wished of racing down back in Ocala. I learned that they weren't just "roadies", they were triathletes. So I tagged along to the triathlons, and watched. Judged myself against the other woman. I saw big girls, little girls, bikes with tassels, big clunky mountain bikes and of course the svelt flashy tri-bikes.
This is where the seed was planted. If they could do it, I could do it.
Join Coach Rebecca & Coach Christina for #TriTalk on Twitter, Wednesday nights @ 8pm eastern time. This weeks topic is Triathlon Inspiration: What planted the seed for YOU to start triathlon?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Why Strength Training Matters to a Triathlete

6 hours on the bike.
5 hours running.
Countless laps in the pool.
This is just a few examples of what a triathlete does and the amount of time spent training. With all the time spent in each disciplines of the sport, why should one spend extra time in the gym hitting the weights?
Slouched shoulders, hunchback, lower back pain and IT band syndrome are just a few of the problems that occur as a result of muscle imbalances which stem from the lack of a well balanced training regimine.
Lets take a look at 4 time world Ironman Champion Chrissie Wellington

Great form. Looks strong.
 This is how we all look like when we train (or daydream looking like). Arms in aero position, shoulders protracted, back in flexion. Now lets think about the 6 hours (or so) put in a week in this position. That is a good amount of time that the muscle adapts to this position.
Now lets stand up, relax and recognize that there may be a tendancy to keep the same “rounded” stance. Hunchback, slouched shoulders, and overall a terrible posture. Combine sitting hunched over a keyboard daily for hours on end, and you can begin to understand the amount of time our muscles can develop an imbalance.  Unfortunately, this is a common problem within the triathlon community, but can easily be avoided or fixed with a strength program added to your training schedule.

Now, lets talk about the lower body. When a coach/trainer puts together a strength program they should look to incorporate movements and exercises that are performed in all 3 planes of the body.  To give a basic understanding of a plane:
 one can lift their arm straight in front of them (plane 1)
 lift the same arm out from their side (plane 2)
 then from straight out of side bring the arm across their chest (plane 3) 
These planes are used to describe the range and direction of  movement of the body.  Unless complete at rest, our body is at any time (such as exercise, sports, daily living) moving within one of planes. The sport of triathlon encourages movements predomintately in 2 planes (front-back and up and down), which can leave major muscle imbalances (side-side) and can ultimately lead to injuries. These imbalances are most noticed when one is having pains in the hip & knee, which can extend from lower back to the calve muscles.
So take a look at your week and add in a total body strength workout.  Think about literally stepping outside the box of your normal movements and incorporating an exercise on a different “plane”. Also if you already have strength workouts in your schedule, DO THEM! They are just as important as your long runs on Sundays.
As always, be healthy, train smart and have fun
Coach Chris ( "coach", did you notice that :) )
*** You can also find this post located at the PRSFIT BLOG ***

Friday, April 13, 2012

It'z De Shoes.

It always starts with the shoes.
There isnt a problem getting dressed to get out the door, even for the kids, clothes are easy. Clean or dirty they get put on, but what is the kicker?
The shoes.
Momma's shoes are the last to get on. I'll spend a good 5 minutes running around the house looking for  matching shoes, or "princess" shoes for the kids. Then once EVERYONE else is situated, I sit on the ground and look at my shoes.
Getting my running or training shoes on in the morning is my defining moment. Will I wimp out and just slip on sandles? Heck I can live in workout clothing all day, but its not complete without the SHOES. Every morning I sit there, I look out the window and stare at my garden, then look down at the SHOES (thats not even half of em).
A while back I was teaching one of my Stroller Stride classes, the ladies were talking about how hard it was getting out to class, it was all to much to ask for to pack up the kids, then head for a workout. Good heavens I knew, I decided to pipe in on my conversation and was shut down by this comment:
"YOU dont understand, You CAN just get up every morning and workout!", now it doesnt seem that harsh of a comment, but it was. Just because I was happy to be outdoors, and happy to bust out some ridiculous about of squats while dealing my 2 of my children strapped into a stroller, while also keeping up the morale of 6 other women, doesnt mean that it was easy for me.
We all deal with our own battles. Every morning the SHOES and I battle it out.
Will they get strapped on?
Yes. Yes, they will. Slowly, and precisely. The shoes are magic, once they get slipped on it feels as though I shock bursts through my body, it reminds of when a dog sees the LEASH, and they get super excited to finally be let out, and they start wagging their tag all crazy that they nearly beat  you down with it, but oh man the LEASH!
Thats my body, but I am not there shaking my booty, knocking my kids out ( or am I?).
Then once Im laced up, I make a mental note on how sexy my size 10 feet look in my rad shoes, JUMP up, give myself a nod in the mirror then scream,
"EVERYONE GET IN THE CAR!!! Lets do this."

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Just Random

Can I just type a dot a run away? Could that one little dot explain my feelings and carry my stories? Um, no. Lets be realistic that is not happening but I think a little dot can carry a whole lot of meaning at times. But HELLO! The real world is coming into focus here in Mississippi. The sun is out, and its getting HOT. My body must naturally respond to this. Im starting to feel "normal", starting to feel like MOI!
That MOI! went outside today to try and run in the humidity and heat. Yeah, um, I've been hiding on the treadmill for awhile so to actually go outside was terrible. It was not cool, I went out there, took my gel, got on the path running right along the water, and not even 20 seconds in I knew there was no way this run was happening. I had to keep stop and breathe, "ah fresh air!!!", then "ahhhh Im turning around". So now its time to bust out the double stroller, and try to get some runs in during the morning, outside, heaven help me.
This random post inspired by exhaustion.

Monday, February 20, 2012

My eggshell cracked

I like to look back at my last post. Exactly the first day I started school.
That was just over a month ago. I have been consumed.
Sometimes you think to yourself that you can take on the world, you see others accomplishing the same thing (if not more) and say to yourself "If they can do it, so can I".
Well apparently "you" aren't "them", so know yourself and set boundaries before your perfect eggshell of a brain cracks, and you ooze out all over your life, then your kids run through it and track it through the house, husband starts screaming at the kids for making a mess but is to over whelmed himself to stop and see the origins of the ooze, which happens to be his wife in zombies status cracked out over the computer screen not giving two craps about the Republican remedy for faction over Federalist #10.
Did I take my crazy pill today?
No worries. The flu this weekend slowed us all down. Was able to cast on a couple of knitting projects, prepare my spring wardrobe sewing projects, dream of sowing my garden for spring.
 (cause of course we get slammed with a storm this weekend that prevents me from getting outside and plant, and all I can think of is all that rain providing some loving hydration to the seeds which ARENT planted) <--- see me cracking on things? :)
Still hitting the gym everyday. Still getting homework done. Kids are still smiling. I'm still rolling in laughter from husbands lame jokes. Husband is happy with a new sonar for catching fish.
So life is good.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Crazy Everything

Yay those are bras, ALL over the ceiling!!!Uh huhMe and Mr. Wino!!!!Girls night out!!!I look like a stuffed sausage in my tri shorts this morning. Always a confidence boost.I do not want to lift that hooker up one more timeOh heaven help me I feel like garbage
Its 10 days since my last blog post. Things have been CRAZY!!
Crazy nights with friends.
Crazy nights with sister.
Crazy exhausting workouts.
Crazy nightly waitressing shifts.
Crazy coughing sick days
Um, anything else?
Please, Lord no. Now time for me to jump in the shower for work.... after I dig myself out under texts books....
Oh, and Im still wearing that scarf.
P.S Thank you Iphone for keeping up with my life. Cause I sure havent been able to pick up my camera lately.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Icecream & Wings Sunday

sweater: Dress Barn
Blouse: Thrifted
Skirt: Homemade , thrifted fabric
Belt: Thrifted
flats: Target
Purse: Mark.
Necklace: Thrifted
It really has been a long (short) week.
Between work, sleep and training, I really dont know who I am half the time.
Today has been a good day though. Its only half way through but I have had some great family time. With my kids nearly burning down the restaurant, and sister almost driving through the entrance it has been adventure packed. Just how I like it.
There is only an hour run waiting for me, its waiting patiently as I try to avoid it. But sometimes the smiles on my kids faces take precidene over my feet smacking the pavement.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Survive, Love & Suck It Up

First ride of the new year.
First ride in a LONG time. I'll be honest it wasnt smooth sailing. Our neighborhood isnt flat, so when it came to the hills I was huffing and puffing. The only thing I could dream of is the day when I'm back in shape and I'm cruising around with no problem.
I'll have to say the ride is my favorite part of triathlon.
When people ask me which is my favorite, I say this:
"I survive the swim"-
Cause Ill be honest, there is ALWAYS a point during the swim that I think I'm going to die. Either a shark will come and eat me or there is no possible way I can get another stroke in. So once I exit the water, I say a little prayer that I made it, then I cry all the way to the transition area :)
" I love the bike"-
Straight up, I feel like a bad ass on the bike. Im strong and I know it. There has to be at least one discipline of triathlon that you conquer, and for me it is the bike. NO woman is allowed to pass me up. That is in my head. God "blessed" me with some strong legs, and I definitely put them to good use.
"I suck it up for the run"-
Now I enjoy running, but after a 1.2 mile swim & 56 mile bike ride, running isnt exactly "fun". So you have to suck it up. I always have to push myself. Just do it. Dont be a little wimp and punk out. Cause hell, I got that far, not giving up now.
Phew. Just talking about it has wiped me out.

Gotta Look good for Walmart

Jacket: Target
Dress: Thrifted
Tights: Target
Boots: Shoedazzle
Hair piece: Ulta
Necklace: Jewelmint
This is me. Tired, and ready for a grocery shopping date to WALMART. Yipee!
Sister came zombie walking out of her room today, looked and me and said" Ummm? Wait.... Going to Walmart? Got it." Hey c'mon Walmart needs a little bit of love.
But really today is the shortest long day ever. Slept in, rushed to get food in the house, bike ride, now I'm blogging while I should be getting for work....
But on to grander things, like this AWESOME dress. From Goodwill of course, with the price tags STILL on! Hahahahaha I love that. Its originally some Target yumminess.
Then the weird boots. I've been seeing them around, around .... well around. Been having a total love hate relationship with them, but then they popped up on Shoe Dazzle and lovely sister got them for me for Christmas. Thank you :)
They are hot right? I mean you probably hate them ( I know my husband does).... but somewhere inside you want them :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

P.S Happy New Year

Yeah it's been a LONG day
2012 Already?! Heaven help me!
I really just wanted to get in a post today.
Its 10:30 pm on a Monday night. I have been home 20 minutes from a 6 hour shift.
Yep, I got a parttime job. I'm totally psyched.
But I'm waiting tables & just started 70.3 training again.
So what does that say about my legs? Um, yeah they are DEAD.
But I really can say it is worth it. To have a little bit of my own money.....
(thats actually paying for my coach, entry fees,...all that jazz)
Also its totally big news that I'm off the injured list and training again!
So get ready for some triathlon posts again, along with some restaurant tales, sassy thrifted outfits, and my random ramblings.
Also have way to much to post from the New Years in Houston.