Saturday, July 30, 2011

This week sucked but...

Going to share something. This last week has SUCKED. I've hated it. Totally been a psychotic sick mom with sick boogie kiddos. Wish I could go into further detail, but trust me when I say " TOTALLY SUCKED DIRTY BUM".
Look at those goofy faces...
I love em.
But when does Dad get home?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Did I mention...?

Did I mention I ran the 100th annual Bay to Breakers? Maybe?
Did I tell you I injured myself and havent run since? Yeah, LAME. That canceled out 70.3 training. I've slowly been running 15 minutes a time on the treadmill, not as nice as an 8 mile run :(

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am Supermom

I'll admit it. There was this one time I thought I was supermom. Thinking "I totally ROCK!". Just happened to be the weekened of the Bay St Louis Crab Festival. It was the second weekend we were here in Mississippi, I had kept seeing the signs for in it on my way in to Bay St Louis, but I just kept telling myself (and my awesome neighbor) " Its suicidal to take the kids by myself". But crazy me woke up that morning, went into the kids rooms and cheered "WHO WANTS TO GO TO THE CRAB FESTIVAL & THE BEACH?!?!". Of course my kids cheered, clapped, and gave me hugs.
Signs of a good morning.
So we loaded up. The kids helped me get everything ready and we took off.
Now the festival was AWESOME. Had some old fair like rides, great local artists, and tons of crab on the menu. We split a crab burger, which we happen to get free. Though they insisted that Bubba had paid, which he didnt cause I had the coins, so they told me to go spend them somewhere else. "um, thank you?".
Bought them each their own lemonades, Chloe just enjoyed eating the ice out of hers, and then we headed to the beach. It was hot, and calm. PERFECT. Set up my umbrella, Bubba lounged in the murky water like a beach whale, and Chloe DUG. She is a professional digger. I sat back in complete happiness. Best mom ever.
Till I had to get my sandy children into the car. The fun ended there.

Smile, pleeeeaase

Just another one of those, "lets throw the kids together and take pictures" moments. Well the plan was on taking them to get their photos taken, but we needed to head home, so this is what I got. I took a TON of photos. Working with 4 kids is HARD.
This last photo is my FAVORITE! Do you see my son in the background screaming his head off? LOL, hahahahahahaha. That is my life! LOL.

Welcome to Houston! Now get wet!

As of right now I'm a little lost. If my life isnt documented on camera, I lose my memory of what happened. Sad.
These photos are of our arrival to Aunt Ev's in Houston! First thing we did when we got there was jump in the pool. Perfect way to end a 3 day haul of driving. We still had to drive into Mississippi, but it was nice to hang out and rest with some family.
Theres nothing like the heat, a pool, a drink in hand, and the family splashing around. Things got crazy, but thats the way its supposed to go right?

Oh La La Wedding!

"It's a nice day for a white wedding"
My first wedding! Other than my own, and I dont think I can count watching The Wedding Singer a billion times, making me a pro at weddings. But it was LOVELY.
I really dont think you can go to a wedding without thinking about your own, you just naturally go into flashbacks *sigh*, I loved my wedding...
We showed up late, the hubs sang "You've lost that loving feeling" (aviators and all) and I totally cried.
Dress: Banana Republic
Cardigan: The Gap
Belt: Forever 21
Quick Story: The dress was bought the day before. I'm so last minute like that. Spent the day shopping with Darling Denice, I was on a mission of finding a dress under $25. To my super luck I found what I call the perfect spring wedding dress, for $19.99 at Banana Republic. Talk about LUCK. But ya know, I wanted to keep it tame, nothing sexy, thinking thats not how you dress at weddings, right? Um, no. I swear next time I go to a wedding Im dressing like a hooker, and gonna love it... Just thought I'd share.
As you see I posted my Darling Denice's face all over, she DEMANDED pictures....:) Oh, and she is moving to Mississippi as well! Roomies! I am selfishly excited about this. P.S I already need to borrow your jigsaw for a project.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Impromtu Shoot with the Kids

Ever have the In-Laws over and the MIL decide "Lets get oufits for the kids, and go take pictures!! YAY!". Um, no yay. For me it seems to never really work. Ended up catching the kids along the side of a cliff. Did I mention it was windy? Grand :)
Awwwww, my crazy kids. Gotta love em :)