Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rev 3 or Ironman

Decisions, Decisions. 
As you can probably see from my DailyMile Posts I've been a little busy in the fitness world. 
I'm into my 4th week of weight training and 2nd week of triathlon training.  The decision of competing for a figure competition or triathlon was made when I asked the hubs while he was doing squats if I could get my coach back. He said "What!? ........ (long pause, 10 more reps), sure baby, but no more Shoe Dazzle". I nearly fainted. Hubs watched as he thought I would have a temper tantrum in the middle of the weight room. I took a deep breath and said "Fine." I continued to hyperventilate the rest of the workout. Shoes or Sweat? I chose sweat, I'm crazy and I like it.
But train for WHICH RACE? 
Our lovely military lifestyle has us moving mid summer, which leads me to being prepared by October. The October races I'm deciding on are Ironman Miami 70.3 & REV3 South Carolina 70.3.
Pros: Cuban food, FLAT, Miami is Sexy
Cons: Last year was a FIASCO and money was reimbursed, so now Ironman is coming in to take over, 12 hours away from home so I would have to fly
REV 3 70.3
Pros: Rev 3's are supposed to Rock the swag, 6 hour drive, never been to South Carolina
Cons: Hilly (I'll be living in Mississippi which is FLAT , how will I train?)
So what do choose? Where would you GO? Are you competing in either?

Speedos & Wedges are Sexy

Is walking into the gym wearing a speedo swimsuit and flower wedges tacky?
Probably. Dang. Pout. Fashion statement?
I'm into week 4 of weight training and week 2 of triathlon training. Add those both together and that leaves no room for a cute outfit. The only dressing up I look forward to is making sure that not to much is hanging out of my compression shorts while doing deadlifts.
I've considered dressing up just to walk into the gym, drop off kids, then strut to the dressing room. But that is a waist of my TIME, that I seem to be lacking lately.  So what do I do?
Nothing. Just dream. Maybe plan a date night, reason to get out of pajamas and workout clothing.
But I HAVE been searching for CUTE, COMFORTABLE, & AFFORDABLE workout clothing.
I've be checking out Target & Ross. The prices are reasonable. I don't like the idea of paying $70 for a pair of Lucy capris. Though made of the highest quality, there is so much more I could do with $70!
For some people an excess amount of workout wear falls under the "who cares" attitude. But when your hitting the gym 2 times a day, EVERYDAY you need a bit of variety.
So to all my gym rats, runners, triathletes, fitness-wear fanatics:
Where do I shop? Where are the deals? What do YOU wear?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sexy Like Chrissie or Jaime?

Different ends of the fitness spectrum huh?
I'm the person that needs something to look forward to. Desperately need to see something in the distance to reach to while I'm huffing and puffing and at the brink of collapse. So who have I been seeing lately? Ironman Champion Chrissie Wellington and IFBB Bikini Pro Jaime Baird.
I want to TRANSFORM. Is it possible to choose between the 2 different body types? YES YES & YES. But what did I want? To endure hours on end sweating on the bike or shaking arms as I bust out the weight on the bench press? Both sound tempting don't they?
And to answer the question running in your minds (maybe) of: Christina, you actually considering training for a figure competition? Uh, YES! Talk about getting over some insecurities! LOL, but I have recently seen so many transformations that I am positive that even the biggest gal can train and COMPETE in a competition. You just have to work your ass off, literally.
But what was my decision? Whats pumping through my blood? What do I dream of? What was I thinking of yesterday while I was sprinting out the last 200 yards of my heart rate test?
I was thinking of Chrissie Wellington's beautiful smile she had on her face at the end of 140.6 Ironman World Championships. 
Time for some decisions.

Intrigued, Inspired, Action

It started with a couple of things. 
First I was swimming deep within my books, obsessed with series I started the Lily Bard Mystery Series by Charlaine Harris. All in all good books but what started an itch was the fact that the lead character Lily was an avid gym goer and body builder. Within the craziness that was happening within her life she stayed diligent with her workout program and her strength played a great role with her character.
Second, I receive the Athleta catalog. Cute over priced clothes, but the clothes weren't what caught my eye, it was the models, they are all ATHLETES! Not a single one was a skinny mini fashion model. All had muscles, all shaped differently by the hard work they put into fitness. I caught myself just going through the catalog not deciding on what I wanted to purchase but how I wanted to be LEAN & STRONG like that. Seeing them gave me a sense of empowerment, knowing that I can be a beautiful STRONG woman. Then I got an idea...
The idea was hitting the weight room. I really haven't spent much time in there at all. Spent plenty of time at the gym either at the pool, treadmill or spin class but no time in front of the mirror with all the macho dudes pumping iron. The thought of even going in the intimated me. I really had no clue where to start. I brought up the idea to the hubs, he was interested with the idea a kid-free time and weights. So at least I had a partner in crime, but again WHERE TO START? So I did a little research and ordered 101 Workouts for Women by Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine. The book is perfect in showing me how to perform all exercises then putting together a weight training program. 
So 3 weeks ago just as the meds were kicking in I shuffled myself out the door, family in tow and embraced a weight lifting routine, and ....
it was exhilarating.
Have you had weight training? To scared to pump iron? Scared of bulking up?
Your thoughts appreciated, because those things are always on my mind:)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bubba is 3!

Only my crazy mommy mind has come to realization that I didn't get a good picture of my son on his third birthday! BUT I did get some good video footage, phew!
 My little Mister. My car fanatic. My pain in the butt. My little love. My little Mark is the sweetest boy I know, he may be obsessed with cars, but he is the happiest little person and it makes my heart swell when I catch his goofy smile. Happy Belated Birthday to my Bubba Mark. Oh, wait let me do the whole mom thing: "The day of his birth was the most painful day of my life, there was NOTHING fun about it, I'm not going to lie. But seeing his big blue eyes look at me for the first time took my breath away. Then I cried ... and I'm still crying cause he drives me crazy. LOL"
newborn MarkIMG_4502IMG_7915IMG_5140

Birthdays are for Sisters

In the last 3 weeks I have only gotten dressed up ONCE (yeah, thats how far down the rabbit hole I've gone...moving on). But I'm happy to say that is was all worth it and something I VERY much needed. That  outfit was spent on my little sister who just happened to have a birthday and came up to mooch a birthday present from me :) hehehehe. The "present" was taking her out for a night. We spent the whole night at the Cannery Row Brewery here in Monterey. It was full of zombie poses, dancing in bathrooms, Monk Diesel,  "oh mah gah" moments, sippy cups and one to many laughs.
In other words we had FUUUUUUUUUUN!
Cover up- Francescas
Blouse- Ross
Jeans- Roxy
The ONLY full body shot and its of me busting a move in the bathroom. I'm classy like that :)


I'm typing straight from an attempt of "busting my ass" on the track today.
An attempt! Well I completed my workout of a lactic threshold test but I feel weak & defeated. Whoever comes out of a full out sprint of mile feeling like a million bucks needs to be shot with a tranquilizer then hauled off to a secret laboratory and tested, because its just not feasible.
I'm exhausted.
But while I was running today I decided I needed to blog. NEEDED to. Why? Because I long for it. I've been hiding to long. Hiding from EVERYONE. Hiding from my phone. So to all my wonderful friends that have been calling and texting me making sure I'm alive, THANK YOU. Though I've been scared to answer or call anyone back. Not that I don't want to talk..... but I kinda DON'T, but DO at the same time. Just another battle with myself.
I have some good news, but will post about it NEXT :)