Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oakland Half Marathon & Depression

Race morning and it's a little on the cold side #oaklandmarathon
Since I cant hide behind my aching calves forever I will admit that this weekend I walk/ran the Oakland Half marathon. It sucked. Reason being that it sucked so much is because I don't even know the last time I ran before this. As you might have noticed I haven't posted in over a week. I've been sitting at the edge of the depression volcano getting ready to surrender myself and be consumed be the darkness.
This isn't the first time, but to all in bloggy land it was the first time I went to the doctor and told him I really needed to do something about it. Usually staying active keeps me normal, but I was at the point that I didn't have it in me to get out off the couch to do ANYTHING. Just admitting everything to the doctor was the biggest load off my shoulders. 
So things are getting better, but now my legs hurt because of my lack of training.
As for the entire 13.1 miles, well.... It was ok. Nothing great. Was in pain most of the time, the finish was blah, but the last 4 miles was pretty scenic. To be honest the whole time I was out there I could only think of the 26.2 miles I have to run May 1st for the Big Sur Marathon. I don't think I will survive.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Showers?

Sweater - thrifted
top- nine west
jeans- Forever 21
bag- handmade thrifted fabric
boots- shoedazzle
Though I have been a hermit lately I did appreciate that we did have some sun here. Then this morning I wake up and it feels as though my house is going to blow away and the streets are flooded (in Monterey). Mother Nature make up your mind!!
But during the hassle of getting the kids into the car during a downpour it hit me that this rain might be SPRING SHOWERS!!!!
Are we even out of winter? Can I dream of spring? C'mon there are peeps all over the stores, they are only allowed out during Spring, though recently I have noticed them for every other holiday, blah.
I need some sun. Desperately.
Now for a night full of Ghost Adventures :)

Reading Withdrawals

I'm seriously going through reading withdrawals.
I read 11 books in 5 days and I'm on the second day of NOT reading and I feel like I'm shaking. 
Reading has always been an addiction for me. Ever since I learned how to read its been hard to pull me away from books, especially mysteries. 
So of course I've been blabbing about the Sookie Stackhouse series. I spent all week in the Sookie world that coming back to reality has NOT fun. I feel as though I'm in highschool again after reading (5) Harry Potter books and I wanted to run away to Hogwarts, I again was addicted. 
Supernatural people are just way cooler than changing diapers and cleaning house.
Sometimes they are cooler than my husband. Sometimes...
So now I'm on the hunt for some more reads, I plan on hitting up my SIL Ev for the good stuff, she has never steered me wrong. But I need more, I read a little on the fast side, and sometimes its sad for me. It feels as though I got through the book to fast to enjoy it!! So if you could suggest some of your FAVORITES that we would be awesome! At the beginning of the year my goal was reading 150 books, I'm totally making that happen.
Anyone read the Hunger Games series? Worth it?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just once or twice

top- Old Navy
under blouse- Ross?
jeans- Forever 21
Going to give the hubs some credit for taking out to eat to Chevys earlier this week.
There Babe, your one sentence of glory.
Other than going for groceries once, the library, and hitting up Borders I havent left the house AT ALL this week ... I MIGHT have gone to the park.... ok I did. This wasn't the outfit I planned on wearing, but after the hubs asked if I wanted to go to dinner, and actually put on a dress top I realized that I needed to do something with myself.
So I went and stared at the closet.
Do you do that? Just stare? And look at ALL the clothes you have and say "I dont have ANYTHING to wear!!!"? I do it, not all the time, but when I do its a major breakdown. 
I first started with the under top. I havent worn it in 3 years (probably longer). But the the mirror was NOT my friend and started talking trash to me, so I thought I tone it down with a plaid button up.... I think it came out alright, lets just not pay attention to the dirty hair :)
The breakdown lasted 3 minutes (record short time) and am I the only one with a mirror that talks to her?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Around The House Mondays: Round 5

Only 2 big thing happened this weekend.
1. The Bachelor Couch: Yep, if you are married you either still have it or its banished to a room or the garage OR you were one of lucky ones and have gotten rid of it. This one was banished but had to be brought it. I cringe. It takes over a very small living room already packed with furniture. I keep telling myself "Only 3 more months, Christina, just 3, breathe". Its so ugly and OLD MAN, but its sooooooo comfy. Once the hubby brought it in I spent the ENTIRE weekend on it.
2. Sookie Stackhouse Series: As you can see from my last post I spent most of last week watching the entire first season of True Blood. So after talking to my SIL I HAD to read the books. On Friday I wandered down to the library for the first four books, and thats what I did all day Saturday & Sunday. ALL DAY, I sat on that bachelor couch, stopping only to feed, read and change diapers for the kids and randomly pat my husband on the head. I really cant express how much I am love with these books, and this might come a shock to some of you but... Twilight kinda sucks after reading these books. Dont go have a heart attack, just go and read the Sookie Stackhouse novels. 
P.S This is no little girl series. It's for the big girls. Anyone else read them?
P.S.S I stayed in my pajamas ALL weekend, I didn't get dressed ONCE. I don't feel THAT bad about it :)
Around The House Mondays

Friday, March 11, 2011

Vampires, Werewolves and Sex, OH MY!

( a funny glimpse into my vampire boyfriends, Hubby says I can only keep Edward cause he can afford to buy HIM a boat)
I'm sitting here looking through my posts and realize that I DID NOT blog yesterday.
To some, who cares? To me, well I don't let it take over my life BUT I really thought I blogged yesterday. That leads to realize that I mentally missed a day.
I thought yesterday was Wednesday, and woke up thinking today was Thursday.
I missed Thursday. It was my euphoria mommy day, but I totally missed it.
Tell me this just doesnt happen to me. Time is FLYING by this year. Next thing I know I will be in Louisiana have cold lemonade with Sookie Stackhouse.
Sookie Stackhouse?
Apparently she is my new best friend and I've been stalking her via True Blood episodes....
ahhhhhhhh hah!
Thats where I was all day yesterday, letting my mind turned to mush as I let my eyes pop out of my head, letting myself fall in love with characters I really dont have time for. But you know what? I'll make time. I'll let myself get absorbed into a new series. Whats great is that there is 11 books in the Sookie Stackhouse series....
Vampires, Werewolves and Sex, OH MY!
Ev (SIL) what have you done to me? You first leave me alone in your house 4 years ago with the Twilight series, now look at me! I long for a man with pale, hard skin, that can glamour me or a tall, hairy,  man that will warm me to the core with his passionate love, wait forget that I'm a vampire lover.
Do you know that I have a wallet that I got from Burger King that has Edward and Jacob on it? Its a piece of crap but I can't bring myself to throw it out!!!
So now you know my obsession. The tiered dress on the sewing machine will have to wait.


(picture taken at Zushi train station,  Zushi City, Japan)
I woke up today not knowing what happened in Japan. My TV is normally on Nick Jr or OFF, but this morning I turned it on to only see something about a nuclear plant. I changed the channel. Little did I know of what the rest of Japan was going through.
A part of my heart is in Japan. My son was born on the Yokosuka Naval Base there, and it was our first home as a married couple. 
It hurts my heart to see what happened. It also scares me. Every time a natural disaster happens a part of my heart breaks, no matter where in the world it has happened.
All my love and prayers go out to the Japanese and people in the country. 
Though I've heard that all U.S citizens in Japan were accounted for it didn't give me much peace, I could only think of the Japanese as a whole.
While preparing to post this blog I received a facebook message from a friend, wondering how she could help the Japanese. As of now I do not know. But like I told her the Japanese are a CARING, EFFICIENT, SMART, DEDICATED nation, they will pull through and stick together to rebuild what is lost.
My heart goes to the Japanese, I pray for strength, guidance & love to the nation.
If anyone knows how we can help the Japanese please leave a comment or email me. Thank You.

Playdate Casual

top- Indonesia
jeans- Forever 21
shoes- Dollar Store
Yesterday was a good day for being Mom.
I felt so happy, and it was all thanks to a simple playdate. I'll admit its hard for me to make playdates. Either they don't coincide with naptime, or held at a location I know I can't keep both of my wandering children within my peripheral vision.
Fresh air might have been a factor in my euphoria as well. Which made me realize that I need to get out with the kids more. 
So with being on the "happy high" from yesterday I decided for a trip to the library (where I stocked up on the Sookie Stackhouse Series), went to the park (where for the first time I read a book as the kids ran around, it was AMAZING), then promised the kids strawberries and hit up the local farmers market where the kids plumped up on berries and mommy enjoyed a burrito.
Came home to a husband who was doing spring cleaning.
Um, am I in the twilight zone?
** I cant help but laugh at all the inquiries about me missing a personal post yesterday. I am alive, I was sucked into True Blood Season One with the hubs. There was a choice between blogging and my new Vampire love Bill, I chose Bill. Dont hate, and go and watch True Blood.**

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March of Hair: Braided Headband Tutorial

side view
Braided Headband Tutorial from Rubyellen over at Cakies 
You can make one in ANY color and all you need are SCRAPS!!!
Not to big and not to thin it can go with anything!

March of Hair: Surfer Girl Beach Wave

Now I wasn't sure I wanted to post this video. Only reason being is that for this look it calls for using a Deep waver. But its sooooo cute & easy, plus I'm loving the tool that I just HAD to share!
The tools used are:
 Hot Tools 2179 Deep Waver with Ceramic Tourmaline And Pulse Technology
JLife Surf Girl Sea Salt Spritz 5 oz
I want both. Does anyone use these items? The price for the spritz is VERY reasonable compared to Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, 4-Ounce Bottle which everyone is using. I cant afford to drop $32 on salt water. I'd rather buy some SHOES.
The hubs wants more power tools and I want a deep waver. 

March of Hair: Twisted Bohemian Up do

I'm feeling the need for SUMMER. 
Forget Spring, I NEED heat, a tan, to sweat glisten, to enjoy a/c, to burn my legs on my leather seats in my car. I really just want constant sun. I've been pale to long. Living in a climate of a constant 55-63 degrees gets boring quick. Going to be moving to Louisiana in June, and I know I will be sweating my arse off... I'm looking forward to it. I've lived in humidity before, so I have a clue of what I'm getting myself into.
Let me focus on the subject here, which is HAIR. 
Along with starting to create a wardrobe for the Louisiana heat, I need a slew of hairstyles for it as well. Wearing long hair down in 100% is not ... well its too dang hot.
So here is a lovely twisted bohemian hairstyle. Perfect for short hair, but us with the long hair can pull it off with a bun or ponytail at the base of the neck.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coming Soon: The Paper Bag Skirt Tutorial

The Paper Bag Skirt Tutorial
Did you think I forgot?
I have been dreaming about it! Seriously I have, then this morning 3 people ask me about it. We all must work on the same frequency :) Been tossing it around in my mind now for a couple weeks. But can I say I've been a sucker on what fabric I've been wanting to use...
I was going to send out a poll asking if a video tutorial was preferred, then I brought it up to the hubs and he said "Of course everyone will want a video tutorial".
So thats what I will be doing! There will be directions to read and also to watch.
So get ready!
You will need:
3/4 inch elastic (length will be the measurement of your waist)
1 1/2 yards fabric 
 sewing machine 
coordinating thread.
THRIFT YOUR FABRIC: (unless you have some treasured fabric that will be perfect for the job) Head to your local thrift store and dig through the BEDDING area. Thats where I find all my fabric, I sometimes even use bedsheets if the print is what I like. Or head over to the dress section and find a dress that is 2 sizes larger and restyle it! I like maxi dresses because there isn't to much detailing and plenty of fabric to work with.
The tutorial will be up by this weekend. Going to attempt to make the video during naptime, but I don't know how well that will work out, so I might need to wait till Friday and have the hubs be camera man.
I'm so EXCITED!!!

March of Hair: Japanese Bun

This girl is toooooo cute.
Plus this is a SIMPLE Japanese bun. I spent the majority of my morning watching bun videos from million different Japanese girls, and this by far was the easiest and PERFECT bun.
Not to long ago I lived in Japan and admired these perfect buns that all the girls with their short uniform skirts were wearing. It was the #1 hairstyle. 
Of course us Americans either thought it was extreme or silently loathed to pull off the perfect Japanese bun. I remember one time going over to my friends Susan apartment, she had made friends with a sweet local girl named Kyoko. Kyoko (forgive me on spelling) always wore her massive bun, so one day she decided to show us, I think we watched with mouths open, in awe, and in denial of ever being able to pull it off.
But now thanks to YOUTUBE, I can become the Japanese Girl.... minus the mini uniform skirt
Dont be scared of the TEASE, you want to build an apartment complex for birds in that bad boy.
Messy is good. There is no PERFECT.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Around the House Mondays : Round 4

Around the House Mondays didnt happen for me until naptime today.
It was a busy morning. Of what? I dont remember. My mommy brains are deep fried and are unable of retaining all information. But here is a little of me. Its not really whats left over from the weekend, but a look of what my Monday was...
The books we read...
The mess the children left for me to clean during naptime, they like to keep me busy. Very thoughtful children...
The work desk covered in my magazines, and craft books, just like last week, there is more yarn...
Then the Pencil Skirt. I needed a good twitter butt whooping to get that finished.
Thats my Monday. Yes, it can be unorganized and messy at times. But thats me keeping it real.
What does your house look like?
Around The House Mondays

Project Restyle #2: The Pencil Skirt

top- NEX
skirt- handmade, thrifted fabric
shoes - Shoe Dazzle
You have heard of me speak of my Darling Denice, yes?
Darling Denice is my partner in crime in shopping & thrifting. She keeps me up to date with whats on the racks at all our local Goodwills. She also likes to call and scream at me on how the wind is ruining her running patterns.... aww, gotta love your friends.
The skirt is Darling Denice inspired. She called me last week to let me know that there was tweed at Goodwill. Totally random, but she lit a match and I wanted it. I counted down the minutes calmly waited for the hubby to get home to run to Goodwill and ransack them. Which I did and scored this tweed. I had NO CLUE what I was going to do with it, but I had it. I sat in my car, petting it, calling my "my precious". While in this delusional state I call and tell Denice "I now have it, but have no clue what to do with it.", then liquid sunshine pours out of her mouth "How about a pencil skirt?".
So here is the beloved pencil skirt I told you I was working on. Making the pattern was simple (or I'm getting used to making them), and I'm in love with the details, like the darts and the kick pleat (which is not shown.
My second installment for Project Restyle and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
I'll be honest and say that this pencil skirt makes me feel sexy. This pattern was made perfectly and I think I'm going to make 5 more.

March of Hair: Felt Flowers

I've been anxiously awaiting this Felt Flower Headband tutorial from Jen over at Our Three Ring Circus.
She teased me with posting pictures on Instagram, and I left me playing the waiting game till she showed me how she made them. Once I read the tutorial I gasped at how simple, plus I have everything already. Well scraps of felt, but that will be enough.
Now go make some for yourself, your little girl, your dog... whatever :)
Talking about flowers & hair.... what ELSE could you put in your hair as an accessory?
Heck, I dont know! Do you wear something unique? Care to share?

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March of Hair: Pin Up Hair in a HURRY!

(this isnt me, but make sure to check out Iris on her YOUTUBE page and for some more amazing hair tutorials!)
We all dream in Pin-Up.
Wait, screw "pin-up". Lets just say classic.
Before I knew what a pin up was I longer for the 40's,50's look. From clothing, music to hair I thought it as all feminine, classic, stylish, & lovely. 
There was a time not to long ago that women always had their hair done, and never left the house in their scooby-doo pajama pants. EVER. I'll admit I long for the state of mind.
Well that was THEN and this is NOW. 
In the NOW we don't have the TIME for anything.
So here is a QUICK tutorial to capture the classic glam look.
This is achievable for ANYONE. Its SIMPLE.
To top off the look, wear some red lipstick! 
Dont have any? Make a run to Target, go to the cosmetics aisle. 
It's WONDERFUL and perfectly priced.
Check out THIS wonderful TUTORIAL from Keiko Lynn on RED LIPS.
Then let me see some hair and sexy lips over at the March of Hair Flickr Pool.

My Work Space

top- H&M
tights- Target
flats- Target
Sewing Machine- Singer
My workspace is my kitchen table. It's the only place large enough that I can spread out a giant piece of paper and make my sewing patterns. Also its the ONLY space I have to work with. We probably see the top of my table once a week. I make the hubby eat dinner in a selected corner, and he's not allowed to touch anything. 
Not until today did I realize I spend a lot of time ON the table. Then I wonder why I have to keep my kids from breakdancing on the table.
The book is Little Green Dresses, and I have brought it up over & over because its my ONLY book I look to for making my own clothing & patterns. 
If your interested in learning to make your own patterns, BUY IT! It's what I use :)
Christina recommended:
Little Green Dresses: 50 Original Patterns for Repurposed Dresses, Tops, Skirts, and More
Oh, and what was I working on? A Pencil skirt!! It's HOT. I'll wear it tomorrow... so stay tuned:)

Friday, March 4, 2011

March Fitness Challenge: Day 3: Chin Ups

Day 3 of the March Fitness Challenge and I crossed over to CHIN UPS.
I know, I know, I know, the challenge called for pull ups but I was not moving anywhere on that and hurting my lower back. 
So I downloaded the Twenty Chin Ups App and will start there then graduate to pull ups.
I explain everything else in the video, and you also get to see me grunt and struggle. 
I share too much.

March of Hair : Rosette Tutorial

(photo credit: Little Birdie Secrets)
Here it is the first hair accessory tutorial. 
I searched HIGH and LOW for the EASIEST tutorial.
The best and most inspirational comes from Little Birdie Secrets
Now you can always attach to a headband as well.
My rosette came from a harder tutorial that I'm not sharing. But I plan on making a couple with Little Birdies tutorial tomorrow.
You can make them HUGE or a bunch of small ones. 
Express yourself! I think I'm going to make one MEGA HUGE.

I Got a Haircut!!!

Sweater- Target
Dress-- Francescas
Tights- Target
Heels- Rocker Shoe Dazzle
New hair, and I LOVE it!!
Waited for awhile for this new look, had wanted to come into the new year with it, but I guess the time wasn't right. But March of Hair inspired me to get it DONE.
I was SCARED for this cut. Heck I am scared for every cut. Either its a disaster or O.K. 
I had been going to the local beauty school for my haircuts, I figured if someone messed up, someone would be there to fix it and it was only $12! Went it came to bangs though, well I needed a professional.
I went on a limb and just called a salon that I've been to and friends go to. Who I called for wasn't available but was referred to Erica, so I made the appointment.
Showed her some pictures, told her what I liked, and she went to work. She styled the bangs PERFECTLY, uh, I had been nervous but once I saw them cut I was PSYCHED.
So if you are in the Monterey Peninsula check out Venus Salon and ask for Erica :)