Around the House Mondays

Around the House Mondays is a weekly post and linky party dedicated to the little things around the house that express yourself, family and or put you in flashback mode.
Take the time to walk through you home and see what reminds you of your weekend. 
Have leftovers in the fridge from your dinner date? Take a picture.
New outfit hanging in the closet longing to be worn? *click*
Ticket stubs from a terrible movie. click.
Your house in order from the weekend?
Then why not walk into a room and STOP. What is the first thing that catches your eye? Take a picture and share why it DID catch you eye, when did you buy it, who gave it to you, why did you put it there?
There are so many of our personal items that we collect that become a part of us.
Its time to share and document.

Enjoy your home and embrace life :)

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Around The House Mondays