Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jessica Simpson & The Famous Green Sweater

For my 100th post lets talk about sweaters.
Not just ANY sweater. Jessica Simpson's FAMOUS GREEN SWEATER.
Not until this morning did I even know this thing was famous. 
Do you want to know why its famous? Because Ms.Simpson has rocked that sweater 3 sexy times outdoors since 2005. (I'm sure there has been more times, but my stalking has only seen 5 different photos, thanks to paparazzi).
The fact that she has worn this oversized green sweater not even a handful of times outdoors has caused an uproar in the fashion community.
Could she be starting a new trend?
Doesn't she know she shouldn't wear that more than once?
What is she thinking?
Good gosh people! I hope she is ROCKIN that sweater till she is 96, in 5 inch heels, with nothing but a cute pair of undies underneath!
It's cute, comfy and makes her feel good. I think all clothing should fall into those categories! Heaven forbid I ever become famous, and have paparazzi trail me across the globe cause you will be seeing the same thing OVER & OVER.
Haven't these people heard of the 30 for 30 REMIX ?
Oh and as for the heels and leopard bag that Ms. Simpson is wearing, and people are BASHING.... I LOVE EM. And if I didnt have to chase 2 kids around my bum would be strutting the same thing:)
Keep up the being SEXY Jessica! Oh, by the way, I LOVE your shoes:)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sexy Sunny's Baby!

This mama just needed to go and spend some of her husbands money to feel better about herself. LOL. Kidding.....Suuure. Seriously I did a little mothers day shopping. Just a wee little, oh and the hubs ticked me off this morning, so WHAM BAM I dressed the kids up, promised them lunch and we hit the TOWN.
The "town" being Forever 21. Cute, sassy and my kinda price.
My favorite buys today were my sunnys!
Yeah, those sexy sunglasses. Along with shoes, I have a million of these bad boys. I'm addicted!! Plus I get major headaches, and am SCARED of getting wrinkles around the eyes. I'm sure there are people I know that dont even know what I look like WITHOUT sunglasses!
So whatcha think? I think at $5.00 a pop they are MARVELOUS!!!!!
Now go get some, and dont forget the sunscreen!
P.S What crazy zombie mom needs a bang trim? Me. Dang.