Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jessica Simpson & The Famous Green Sweater

For my 100th post lets talk about sweaters.
Not just ANY sweater. Jessica Simpson's FAMOUS GREEN SWEATER.
Not until this morning did I even know this thing was famous. 
Do you want to know why its famous? Because Ms.Simpson has rocked that sweater 3 sexy times outdoors since 2005. (I'm sure there has been more times, but my stalking has only seen 5 different photos, thanks to paparazzi).
The fact that she has worn this oversized green sweater not even a handful of times outdoors has caused an uproar in the fashion community.
Could she be starting a new trend?
Doesn't she know she shouldn't wear that more than once?
What is she thinking?
Good gosh people! I hope she is ROCKIN that sweater till she is 96, in 5 inch heels, with nothing but a cute pair of undies underneath!
It's cute, comfy and makes her feel good. I think all clothing should fall into those categories! Heaven forbid I ever become famous, and have paparazzi trail me across the globe cause you will be seeing the same thing OVER & OVER.
Haven't these people heard of the 30 for 30 REMIX ?
Oh and as for the heels and leopard bag that Ms. Simpson is wearing, and people are BASHING.... I LOVE EM. And if I didnt have to chase 2 kids around my bum would be strutting the same thing:)
Keep up the being SEXY Jessica! Oh, by the way, I LOVE your shoes:)


felicia said...

I love that sweater and would probably wear it every day too if I owned it! The only look I don't like it with is he long printed skirt. Love her, love her style!

MissFancyPants said...

I don't care what people say about her. I think she is awesome - great style and seems like she doesn't give an F about the paparazzi

Meredith said...

that thing looks beyond comfy. love it. go jess!

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