Sunday, April 1, 2012

Just Random

Can I just type a dot a run away? Could that one little dot explain my feelings and carry my stories? Um, no. Lets be realistic that is not happening but I think a little dot can carry a whole lot of meaning at times. But HELLO! The real world is coming into focus here in Mississippi. The sun is out, and its getting HOT. My body must naturally respond to this. Im starting to feel "normal", starting to feel like MOI!
That MOI! went outside today to try and run in the humidity and heat. Yeah, um, I've been hiding on the treadmill for awhile so to actually go outside was terrible. It was not cool, I went out there, took my gel, got on the path running right along the water, and not even 20 seconds in I knew there was no way this run was happening. I had to keep stop and breathe, "ah fresh air!!!", then "ahhhh Im turning around". So now its time to bust out the double stroller, and try to get some runs in during the morning, outside, heaven help me.
This random post inspired by exhaustion.