Sunday, August 26, 2012

Captain Hook & Princess Chloe

I live with Captain Hook and Princess Chloe.
Well Captain Hook also happens to be a super spy and "cool" guy, and Princess Chloe.... well shes just a princess that happens to be a mermaid princess at times.
The adventures I live with everyday. I truly am greatful for the imaginations they have, and grateful for the life we lead that I can encourage them to just PLAY. I did not grow up with being pushed to "play" or "imagine" ... Its one of the things I worried about when having children, with me not having much an imagination for playtime I was scared that I would not be able to understand or play.
Its a hard thing to explain, but I see them play and I am filled with joy. Even better is when my daughter comes up to me and invites me to play with them :) Though I just sit there, not wanting to break the spell they are under, and of course not knowing what to do, I observe, and thats all I seem to need to do.... Chloe leads the way and Mark comes terrorizing in ... now with a puppy in tow trying to bite someones toes off.
This is the life.


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Raina said...

Your children are beautiful! I love the imaginations my children have too. The sky is the limit!

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