Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where in the world is Christina San Diego?!

Where has she gone?
I heard she got botox?
No, I heard she had Justin Timberlakes baby?
Lady Gaga's lover, wha?
She joined Whale Wars then got stuck on a rib next to an iceberg?
No people, no worries. I moved to MISSISSIPPI!!!!
Holy Crapola!! Totally different from Monterey, CA right? 
Where the state food is a fried pickle!!! And I love it. Dont hate :)
Yes, totally been hiding from the blogging world, only because my life has been turned upside down!
But things are settling down, been hitting the weights, trying to talk my sis-n-law to train in a figure comp w/me, getting adjusted to the glorious heat, finding a bike bath, becoming addicting to cherry-limeades, eating "plain", watching my kids swim in circles, and watching a BUNCH of cable TV ( because I now have a DVR:( ).
Oh, and did I mention my best Monterey friend coming to the grand ole south as well?
Things are TOTALLY happening. And I promise to fill in as soon as I can.
So no, I did not elope with Johnney Depp.
Did not walk the catwalk at the Paris fashion show.
Only wish of hitting the IFB pro figure scene.
And did not qualify for Ironman, Kona :(
But I have been living the life of a proud military wife, and been on the move to our next duty station. Stay tuned because glorious milky way magic has happened!


LaynahRose said...

Sounds fabulous, I've always wanted to go there. Glad you like your new location.

EV Glitters said...

You've also Raved Hula hooped, tried a Kolache, AND had shellawesome shellac! Oh and if you prepare a realistic weight/diet/schedule I'll do it...REALISTIC! guess I'll have to do Planet fitness though and steer clear of herpe 24Hr HAHAHA

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