Sunday, November 27, 2011

Me Love You Long Time?

Um, hi.
My name is Christina.
Recovering blogaholic.
Injured runner.
Crazy mom.
Weight lifting "babe" <-- Yeah, I said it. Psssh.
Straight up just psycho lady that has been uploading pictures to my computer but not seeing time to blog. Seriously though, blogging is like working out. Sometimes you are just on top of your game, then you get side swiped by a bag of cookies and forget the gym exists. Because cookies tell you the gym is evil.
Uh, huh. My cookies TALK to me. Be jealous. Or worried that I MIGHT have a problem....
Or two.
But now is time to play catch up.... through pictures... because, heck I cant remember life.
**Cough cough** Its been 2 whole months since I blogged last. Faint now...**


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