Sunday, November 27, 2011

Southern Decadence

IMG_1285.jpgIMG_1288.jpgIMG_1290.jpgIMG_1295.jpgIMG_1299.jpgIMG_1312.jpgIMG_1313.jpgIMG_1323.jpg Labor Day weekend adventure.
Ever made last minute plans?
Like inviting yours husbands college roommate family over, only to steal his wife (Vanessa) and running away to New Orleans?
Ha ha, I have. During a hurricane.
Also during Southern Decadence, a.k.a "Gay Mardi Gras".
Now did we plan the storm and the "festivities"? Nope, but they made up one heck of an interesting weekend.
We didnt realize what was happening until we were half way down Bourbon Street, and the was this MASSIVE black guy. Have you seen the Green Mile? Picture that guy but BIGGER, and not an ounce of fat just solid MUSCLE. He was like a BEAR, wait forget that, like an ELEPHANT with muscle. And he was wearing BOOTY shorts with the butt checks hanging out. Thats when I turned to Vanessa and said "SOMETHING is happening here".
Another block down Bourbon we find the party. Where they are throwing "hand sanitizers" from the balcony. "Hand sanitizers?" A guy(Kyle) turns around and says " Ah, honey that aint hand sanitizer. Its LUBE".
SILENT SHOCK on both of our faces.
We soon join in the party, hiding from the rain and devouring beignets.
Also seeing a man around 5'2 with a shlong down to his knee....
No joke. Im still having nightmares.


Marci Girl said...

I don't know what it is about this post, but honestly it is the best thing ever! LOL and seriously when is Bourbon street ever normal? LOL I have to admit, ya'll went during a CRAZY time!

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