Sunday, November 27, 2011

We Fish A LOT

IMG_6283.jpg IMG_6288.jpgIMG_6296.jpgIMG_6294.jpgIMG_6297.jpgIMG_6303.jpgIMG_6305.jpgIMG_6311.jpgIMG_6312.jpg
So I'm digging through pictures.
Trying to go in order, and I am realizing that we have spent quite a bit of time fishing. And to be completely honest its not THAT fun with toddlers. But as I look at the photos I cant help but think "awwww how cute!", I forget that they were screaming and throwing the poles into the lake.
Its like childbirth, you forget the pain, but you still go back for more.
Oh, and heaven forbid if I got a photo in of myself, I would probably look like a savage beast, foaming at the mouth, as I'm chasing my kids around the lake.
This happens to you, right?


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