Monday, January 2, 2012

P.S Happy New Year

Yeah it's been a LONG day
2012 Already?! Heaven help me!
I really just wanted to get in a post today.
Its 10:30 pm on a Monday night. I have been home 20 minutes from a 6 hour shift.
Yep, I got a parttime job. I'm totally psyched.
But I'm waiting tables & just started 70.3 training again.
So what does that say about my legs? Um, yeah they are DEAD.
But I really can say it is worth it. To have a little bit of my own money.....
(thats actually paying for my coach, entry fees,...all that jazz)
Also its totally big news that I'm off the injured list and training again!
So get ready for some triathlon posts again, along with some restaurant tales, sassy thrifted outfits, and my random ramblings.
Also have way to much to post from the New Years in Houston.