Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Candle Holder

Does anyone have candle holders just hanging around?

I don’t. But goodwill did ! After
seeing a lot of different crafts during Christmas using candle holders, I just had to start a collection of my own. So one day during one of my trips to Goodwill I stumbled over this. Cute. But a different color?

I think I'm addicted to Rustoleum spraypaint. I was itching to see how the metallic came out.

Very surprised to see the out come of this Rusteleum project.
Wanted the silver look and I totally got it. I put 2 coats on, and let it dry over night and now have a classic SHINY look. I can see my reflection from paint that came out of a spray paint can! I looooooooove it !!! Now go and get your self a bottle and re-do your entire home. LOL.


melismama said...

Hi, looks great....another thing you can do with these candle holders...go to your local dollar store and buy a glass vase, wide one....use some epoxy and glue the vase onto the candle holder...INSTANT Apothecary jar...different heights, sizes etc....I went to our local Dollar Tree, bought 4 glass candle stick holders, all different heights, bought 4 jars/vases all different heights, some with lips on them so straight up...glued together and for $ 8 I have beautiful versitile Apothecary jars!

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