Friday, January 21, 2011

My Alter Ego

So the intention of me starting a blog aside from my fitness blog over at See Mom Run Bike swim was a place to document all the projects Ive been getting into.
I told myself, that I will only post what I have MADE.
But then Ive been getting emails, lovely comments, seeing Moms out in town asking what Ive working on, or where I get the time to do these things … So I think I need to express myself more here in bloggy land.
(please take note to the craft madness on my kitchen table. Does anyone elses table look like that?)

 Expressing myself nightly to my journal, well, the journal doesn’t talk back saying “oh I know how you feel” or “I totally want to make that too” or “get glass votives from the dollar store and glue them to you candlesticks” <-- Thank you Melissa from The Joys of Home Educating.
I’ve always loved blogland, and I adore the friends Ive made across the world, and the friendships Ive deepened through the random things I post.
I don’t really know where this post is going. There is so much on my mind.
All in all this is a blog to share my alter ego.
It makes me happy that people know me as “the girl that works out a lot”, I mean that’s better then being called something worse. But there really is more to me than the miles under my feet.
So here I am :)


Anne said...

Fellow crafters (and running moms) unite! I am always working on something. In fact, I just spent two hours taking a skein of yarn and wrapping it into a ball for a project. It was so tangled!

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