Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some Sewing Yoda Wisdom

Recently at church I over heard a conversation behind me , what they were talking about I forget but what I got out of the conversation is that one of the women was an amazing seamstress. After the lesson was over I turned around, introduced myself, and admitting I was listening in on their conversation asked if she taught people how to sew.

She straight out said “No.”. Having learned herself only from watching her grandmother make her and her siblings clothes during the summers when she grew up, she taught herself to sew at age four. Never really being taught, and it being something she always knew how to do she was never really comfortable with teaching others.
“But, I’ll give you some pointers”. Awesome I thought.
“Never stare at the needle. Always look at the measurements on your sewing machine.” Great, I thought. Deep wisdom from sewing Yoda, and this is just common sense.
“Start small. Don’t attempt making temple dresses”. Ok, I admit, do I stare at Gerties Blog for Better Sewing and imagine sewing an evening dress to wear around my house by myself? Yes, but I’m smart enough to stick to little projects that include a lot of straight lines.
“If you want to get better, sew everyday. You have to sew.” Ah, Yes Master Sewing Yoda, this again common sense but probably is the most important piece of wisdom I received that Sunday.
Now did these “pointers” sound easy? Yes! But when I came home and started to make a cover for sewing machine, and thought of NOT staring at the needle and I was making STRAIGHT lines did I realize: “THAT WOMEN IS A GENIUS!”
Since that day I have sewed EVERYDAY. It’s only been a short time, but being persistent, my skills are becoming better.


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