Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kitchen Subway Art

After all was placed I needed to decide on a color. So I whipped out my box of “oops” paint from Home Depot *All priced at $0.50 a piece, I cant ever leave Home Depot with 2 in my hand.

After the little ones passed out yesterday afternoon, I snuck out to the living to start on a project. I had told myself that not until I was done with ALL the cleaning would I let myself start something. But after an incident where my son destroyed a room I had just organized, well I thought I deserved to zone out with a craft.
Knowing that I had about 3 hours I went to work. On Monday I had purchased a canvas which was on sale at Beverlys. I knew in my mind that I had wanted something to fill the "hole" of my kitchen I decided I would jump onto the “subway art” band wagon.

Items Needed:
  • 16x20 Canvas
  • Vinyl (white)
  • silhouette
  • Rust-Oelum Leafy Green Spray Paint
So out came the wonderful Silhouette (out? That thing seems to have permanent residence on my kitchen table). Since the kitchen was my theme,I started to think of words that reminded me of kitchen! Thanks to all my wonderful friends on facebook, I was able to get just the right amount of words in to fill up the canvas  Decided to print out all the words and stick them to my canvas, then spray paint over them.

I spent a good deal of time looking for the PERFECT font. I looked around at other pieces of bloggers had done, and still couldn’t find what I wanted. I ended up just digging through what I had on my computer and settled on COPPERPLATE GOTHIC BOLD.

Now in the midst of printing out the words onto vinyl I realized that this was a time consuming project with all the printing, cutting, transfer paper… well I was going a tad crazy. Ashley over at Lil Blue Boo a great idea here WITHOUT using vinyl. But all in all I really think that you need an afternoon to finish it.

Took some time into the detail of placement of the words. Near the end I was randomly printing out words to fit the exact size I needed. *Apparently I didn’t go into this project with to much planning.

My first thought was to make an amazing painting, using multiple colors, making it edgy. Yeah, I dropped that dream, the colors I had weren’t floating my boat.
After the hubs came home, I had him be my final decision, and it came down to the fact I just didn’t have the color I needed. Road trip to Home Depot!
Well road trip by MYSELF, and I came back with THIS:

The perfect green for a modern look in my kitchen.
So I set up camp on my porch and applied 2 layers.

Using the spray paint was a perfect choice for a smooth finish. Plus the wait time is a matter of minutes, and I really wanted to be done with the project.

After making sure it was completely dry, I broke out the tweezers & exacto knife, and the hubs and I “cuddled” while picking off vinyl☺ Ok, we didn’t cuddle, but it was one on one time as we “picked” our way through this project.

There are A LOT of letters. But they all came off very easily, and there really wasn’t any bleeding through of paint. NICE.

Viola. Gorgeous.

I’m thinking it looks pretty classy, and I’m satisfied with my first “subway art” project.
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melismama said...

Looks fab. I want a Silhouette Machine so bad...you made this look easy! Your newest follower here!

Allison said...

You did such a Great job on this!! Love it!
Thanks for becoming a new follower! Glad you found me! I'll definitely have to explore your blog more! And Yeah... my hubby is pretty talented! He always out does me in the Valentine department! lol

Linda said...

This looks really great! I may have to "steal" this idea.

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