Monday, April 18, 2011


I'm typing straight from an attempt of "busting my ass" on the track today.
An attempt! Well I completed my workout of a lactic threshold test but I feel weak & defeated. Whoever comes out of a full out sprint of mile feeling like a million bucks needs to be shot with a tranquilizer then hauled off to a secret laboratory and tested, because its just not feasible.
I'm exhausted.
But while I was running today I decided I needed to blog. NEEDED to. Why? Because I long for it. I've been hiding to long. Hiding from EVERYONE. Hiding from my phone. So to all my wonderful friends that have been calling and texting me making sure I'm alive, THANK YOU. Though I've been scared to answer or call anyone back. Not that I don't want to talk..... but I kinda DON'T, but DO at the same time. Just another battle with myself.
I have some good news, but will post about it NEXT :)


Anonymous said...

miss you :) trying HARD to give you your space!! :D

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