Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Intrigued, Inspired, Action

It started with a couple of things. 
First I was swimming deep within my books, obsessed with series I started the Lily Bard Mystery Series by Charlaine Harris. All in all good books but what started an itch was the fact that the lead character Lily was an avid gym goer and body builder. Within the craziness that was happening within her life she stayed diligent with her workout program and her strength played a great role with her character.
Second, I receive the Athleta catalog. Cute over priced clothes, but the clothes weren't what caught my eye, it was the models, they are all ATHLETES! Not a single one was a skinny mini fashion model. All had muscles, all shaped differently by the hard work they put into fitness. I caught myself just going through the catalog not deciding on what I wanted to purchase but how I wanted to be LEAN & STRONG like that. Seeing them gave me a sense of empowerment, knowing that I can be a beautiful STRONG woman. Then I got an idea...
The idea was hitting the weight room. I really haven't spent much time in there at all. Spent plenty of time at the gym either at the pool, treadmill or spin class but no time in front of the mirror with all the macho dudes pumping iron. The thought of even going in the intimated me. I really had no clue where to start. I brought up the idea to the hubs, he was interested with the idea a kid-free time and weights. So at least I had a partner in crime, but again WHERE TO START? So I did a little research and ordered 101 Workouts for Women by Muscle & Fitness Hers Magazine. The book is perfect in showing me how to perform all exercises then putting together a weight training program. 
So 3 weeks ago just as the meds were kicking in I shuffled myself out the door, family in tow and embraced a weight lifting routine, and ....
it was exhilarating.
Have you had weight training? To scared to pump iron? Scared of bulking up?
Your thoughts appreciated, because those things are always on my mind:)


Lisa V. said...

Enjoyed your blog. I have been crossfitting for almost 3 yrs. The only women that will bulk up from lifting are the ones on the juice. We lift and we lift hard. Have you been to a crossfit gym? You should check one out! We don't have machines, we make machines. :D Happy lifting!

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