Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Speedos & Wedges are Sexy

Is walking into the gym wearing a speedo swimsuit and flower wedges tacky?
Probably. Dang. Pout. Fashion statement?
I'm into week 4 of weight training and week 2 of triathlon training. Add those both together and that leaves no room for a cute outfit. The only dressing up I look forward to is making sure that not to much is hanging out of my compression shorts while doing deadlifts.
I've considered dressing up just to walk into the gym, drop off kids, then strut to the dressing room. But that is a waist of my TIME, that I seem to be lacking lately.  So what do I do?
Nothing. Just dream. Maybe plan a date night, reason to get out of pajamas and workout clothing.
But I HAVE been searching for CUTE, COMFORTABLE, & AFFORDABLE workout clothing.
I've be checking out Target & Ross. The prices are reasonable. I don't like the idea of paying $70 for a pair of Lucy capris. Though made of the highest quality, there is so much more I could do with $70!
For some people an excess amount of workout wear falls under the "who cares" attitude. But when your hitting the gym 2 times a day, EVERYDAY you need a bit of variety.
So to all my gym rats, runners, triathletes, fitness-wear fanatics:
Where do I shop? Where are the deals? What do YOU wear?


Donna said...

I can usually find some decently performing pieces at Target. But being a multiple-work-out-a-day girl, I learned the hard way that the cheapest doesn't always last. Personally I found I was far better off making sure the pieces I bought perform, wear and wash well. I make sure their versatile too, like buying tops that are good for biking AND running. I might have to give up a pocket in a jersey, so I just use a Bento box instead.

Just Cause said...

Hey - I totally feel you. In fact, by boyfriend says that I am wearing workout clothes 75% of the time. Having said that, I have shifted from buying heels, jeans and dresses and instead bargain hunt for good deals on workout clothes. Silly maybe but I like to look cute if I can. ;)

Call me frugal but I am addicted to and I am set up to get notifications on certain brands and keywords like Nike, Yoga, etc. I also recently discovered Gap Body and they have the cutest stuff that always end up on clearance. I don't buy Gap Body online though cause it is cheaper in the store. Considering my shoes that are replaced quite often cost $135, not to mention $100+ entry fees (plus travel), I need to be thrifty. Oh, and I like Marshalls too.

Hope this helps! Love the blog.

Trace B (DM) XO

jhoan said...

Hi, I do crossfit and was training for a marathon. I love love lululemon pants, I know they're very steep in price but so so worth it, makes u feel sexy and very comfortable. I just don't shop much anymore and cut back in other things to afford my lulus :) I promise u will love them!

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