Monday, April 18, 2011

Bubba is 3!

Only my crazy mommy mind has come to realization that I didn't get a good picture of my son on his third birthday! BUT I did get some good video footage, phew!
 My little Mister. My car fanatic. My pain in the butt. My little love. My little Mark is the sweetest boy I know, he may be obsessed with cars, but he is the happiest little person and it makes my heart swell when I catch his goofy smile. Happy Belated Birthday to my Bubba Mark. Oh, wait let me do the whole mom thing: "The day of his birth was the most painful day of my life, there was NOTHING fun about it, I'm not going to lie. But seeing his big blue eyes look at me for the first time took my breath away. Then I cried ... and I'm still crying cause he drives me crazy. LOL"
newborn MarkIMG_4502IMG_7915IMG_5140


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