Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fishermans Wharf

Bear with me as I try and catch up with my life. Hundreds of photos have been sitting on my camera, fear of downloading them to my laptop, then my laptop crash and burn. So we finally got a DESKTOP, wow, havent seen one of these for awhile. But since we now have one, I have a screen large enough to edit photos and truly enjoy (and get back to) blogging. These posts will be random as I sit and stare at pictures of this summer.
Oh, and summer started for the Hubs and I when the Grandparents swooped up the kids for 3 weeks as we prepared for our move to Mississippi. No, it wasnt a giant vacation, unless you call sitting in your hubs office as he works on his thesis,a day at the beach.

sweater: Target
Dress: Free People
Tights: Walmart
Sandals: Target
Purse: Baby Phat
Just one of those random trips to the wharf, where your children choke tame parots, your father-in-law clears out the fudge shop, and you debate about 40 minutes with your mother-in-law on where you would like to eat for dinner.
Love the fam... and those sandals :)


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