Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am Supermom

I'll admit it. There was this one time I thought I was supermom. Thinking "I totally ROCK!". Just happened to be the weekened of the Bay St Louis Crab Festival. It was the second weekend we were here in Mississippi, I had kept seeing the signs for in it on my way in to Bay St Louis, but I just kept telling myself (and my awesome neighbor) " Its suicidal to take the kids by myself". But crazy me woke up that morning, went into the kids rooms and cheered "WHO WANTS TO GO TO THE CRAB FESTIVAL & THE BEACH?!?!". Of course my kids cheered, clapped, and gave me hugs.
Signs of a good morning.
So we loaded up. The kids helped me get everything ready and we took off.
Now the festival was AWESOME. Had some old fair like rides, great local artists, and tons of crab on the menu. We split a crab burger, which we happen to get free. Though they insisted that Bubba had paid, which he didnt cause I had the coins, so they told me to go spend them somewhere else. "um, thank you?".
Bought them each their own lemonades, Chloe just enjoyed eating the ice out of hers, and then we headed to the beach. It was hot, and calm. PERFECT. Set up my umbrella, Bubba lounged in the murky water like a beach whale, and Chloe DUG. She is a professional digger. I sat back in complete happiness. Best mom ever.
Till I had to get my sandy children into the car. The fun ended there.


LaynahRose said...

Haha, nothing a little shopvac wont fix.
Sounds like a great day, making memories/being the best mom ever is worth having to vacuum your a car a couple extra times.

EV Glitters said...

dON'T FORGET TO CARRY BABY POWDER IN YOUR CAR NOW THAT YOU CAN ACTUALLY GET WET AND WILD N THE BEACH best THING TO TAKE OFF SAND - Totally didn't mean to screan, but I hunt and peck at the keyboard so I just looked up and am too damned lazy to change it!

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