Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Getting Inked Up

We all get a little crazy. Like sneaking out with my little sister and getting matching tattoos. Egh, why not? You only live once. Doesnt mean Im covering my body in tats... dont get crazy people.     
Was pysched to have a Navy spouse be my artist, and a skinny version of Thor be my hand holder.
This HURT.
Great but painful experience. I mean c'mon, on the ribs?! Gutsy. Chris the tattoo artist totally put together what we wanted, which was : Hello Kitty meets the Castaneda Sisters :)
The redness in the picture looks extreme because of how I edited the photo, it wasnt red like that. Also the pained look on my face.... totally real.


Anonymous said...

Love the tattoo!!

Monica said...

That's a super cute tattoo!! And on the ribs?! Yowza!!

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