Friday, August 12, 2011

Christina's Garden

Things have been settling down on the homefront. We've been home a week now with the hubs back. Done with all the traveling back and forth from Houston. But relax? No. Time to create mamas garden. And that we did. Proud and thankful that hubby built my raised bed, and the kids and I sowed our seeds! I've been longing a garden for a LONG time, but we haven't lived anywhere suitable or long enough to put time into it.
Christina's gardencucumbers Day 4IMG_6187.jpgIMG_6190.jpg
Last night I went out to stare at the dirt, and low and behold I have cucumber seedlings!!! I was wigging out! Then today I get home the gym and they are bigger, yeeeeesssss-uh! Even my basil is sprouting up. Once I saw the green I started laughing like a mad scientist "YES YES YES Muahahahahahahaha!!!"
We also have peas, green beans, carrots, spinach, lettuce & tomatoes.
Cool, huh?


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