Thursday, August 25, 2011

Keeping Tabs

Gym notes
Yeah, those are my rocking abs up there. Umph. Nah.
One Day.
So who keeps tabs on themselves?
Like every weight lifted?
I do.
I normally keep a composition notebook, noting: weight, sets, reps, energy level, encouragement for next week, injuries. Pretty much anything relating to my performance. My composition notebooks is FULL of months worth of workouts. I love going through the old ones to see how far I've come along, or to see what taking a month off does to my arm strength.
I even see the ripped dudes at the gym whip out their little notebooks and record their weight. For some reason it makes me feel as though I am part of a club that truly cares on what they are trying to create in the gym. I dont lift to just "lift, I'm in there sculpting a physique. Notes must be taking, showing me where I need to improve, where I'm slacking, or where Im just being a bad ass :)
So if you are hitting the gym, start taking some notes. 
I know my tri-coach will read this and say something about filling out my swim/bike/run logs. eek!
p.s I am not training for any triathlons at the moment.


ElainePonceGaudin said...

I wish I had abs like that too.. LOL. I'm a runner at heart but love weight lifting just as equally. I'm also a big fan of workout notes at the gym. Not only does it help me track my progress but I can look back and see what exercise just isn't working for me anymore.E

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