Monday, August 22, 2011

Elastic Waist Skirts

So remember my Project Wishlist from 7 months ago (on the day)?
Yeah, I forgot about it. Well I wont say FORGOT, but I let everything get in the way.
"That's life"
Anyways, I FINALLY got the elastic waist skirts from Freshly Picked finally made! Aren't they darling? In what my hubs calls "mee-maw" prints. I love em! What made me finally sew em up was:
1. It is some kind of hot down here, and I've been living like a bum in the same shorts. Though that isnt bad, to me it just didnt have any flare. I didn't feel like I was putting effort into my appearance. Which I wasnt and really dont care, but I FELT like a bum. So I needed something with FLOWERS :)
2. I missed my sewing machine.
3. I needed to MAKE something. I get that itch up my bum ALL the time.
So one day last week I snuck away to Walmart, I noticed they had some fabric down there, so I needed to scope it out. Lo and behold they had a table of $1.50 a yard! Oh yes. Puuuuuurfect!
At that price I dont care that I'm gardening or cleaning in them.
SUPER EASY to sew up. Well the elastic is annoying, but after the first one you get the hang of it. I plan on making at least 2 more. I feel like Lucille Ball when wearing them :)


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