Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Nutty Knitters

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Can I share a secret? Its pretty huge.....
I'm lonely.
Been in Mississippi for 2 months, and only have made friends with my neighbors. Which I love of course, but I need more interaction with adults. I really dont know how many times I have said to the hubs "Baby, I need some friends".
So stalking my many sites, one which is Raverly, I found out that there is a knitting group in my area. One thing, I dont knit. But they dont prejudice right?
So today while doing my last set at the gym I realize its Tuesday, the knitting night. I left that gym so fast. "Friends, friends, must make friends", I ended talking to myself on the way home. I rush in the door, rinse, dress, then stand in the kitchen asking the hubs "What if they dont like me? What if no one talks to me? Why do I feel like a 10 year old right now?"
So I packed up my crochet bag, with a pair of knitting needles (just in case), and booked it for the Niche Stitch.
Guess what?
Totally. Rocked. My. World.
I met an AMAZING group of women. Women with no censors. That everything is open. REAL women. Not a bunch of 80 year olds where you have to mind your manners. Not like they were dancing on the table tops or anything.... That might be saved for margarita night :)
I mean these were some crazy ladies. Suuuhhh-weeet.
I mean one is a roller derby chic, instantly she ranks as a "TOTAL BAD ASS" on my cool-o-meter.
Was welcomed to sit anywhere, and scored a seat next to the owner, where she taught me how to knit, and I was soon on my to making a scarf, while listening about a cult of yogis.
So now I have a date with the Nutty Knitters at the roller derby rink on Saturday night, and cant wait for Tuesday to roll around again.
My heart is full. Got in some great laughs. I will sleep well tonight.
Thank you ladies :)


LaynahRose said...

Haha that's awesome. Besides making new friends, you're aqcuiring a new skill! Anyways, I'm glad other people sometimes feel like they are 10 years old as well...

Smartferret said...

I felt the same way on my first knit night over a year ago and like you, had such a grand time I've never looked back. Everyone else in my life knows not to mess with my Tuesday nights except in case of emergency. Energizes my whole week, and of course my knitting. It was a joy to have you there last night and I look forward to seeing you next Tuesday!

Marci Girl said...

I'm so glad you are meeting people and adjusting to your new home! Moving is hard!

Aimee said...
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spacecraft said...

SOOOO glad you came last night! Lurv makin' some new friends. See you Saturday night!!
And I'm with Marilyn...NOBODY messes with my Tuedays nights at the Stitch Niche!

Aimee said...

Oops! Meant to edit/add to my comment, not delete. Hope to meet you next week since I wasn't there last night.

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