Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jamie Easons 12 Week Trainer

Have you been going to the gym, walking around aimlessly not knowing where to start?
Its ok, you can admit it. You maybe lift a weight or two, give up and just decide to catch a cardio class. It's defintely easier with someone telling you exactly what to do.
With that in mind, I would like to create a MEETUP group, via for a new program released through Body Building by Fitness Competitor/Model Jamie Eason.
"The LiveFit trainer is a simple 3-phase program for transforming your body and your life in 12 short weeks. My science-based approach combines exercise, nutrition, and supplementation for results that far exceed what any of those tools could produce on their own. Better yet, you'll leave this program knowing how to pursue the fit lifestyle even without my guidance! " -
Whats really awesome about this program is the videos, Jamie walks you through the ENTIRE program, and bodybuilding provides videos for all the exercises ( I personally have the BodyBuilding app on my Iphone, which I use EVERYTIME I go to the gym to make sure I am using correct form). Also nutrition is COMPLETELY covered, that seems to be the hardest part for people starting a new workout program, sometimes you just dont know what to /or not to eat.
I want to create a the page to have a place where we can all come together and chat about our workouts, recipes, transformation, and answer any questions you might have about the program.
Everything is covered, but its nice knowing who is going through the entire program with you.
Your not alone.
I personally have tried the workouts. They are QUICK & EFFICIENT. Totally beginner & advanced friendly. Its totally what you put into it.
So I'm challenging YOU, and also wanting virtual workout buddies. I'm lonely :)


CreationsbyJune said...

this sounds great!!! count me in! I am signed up for a half marathon 10/16 and a full 12/11! I need all the help I can get!

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