Thursday, December 22, 2011

The All Week Upload Thrift Post

All WEEK this post has taken me.
All the live long week.
Have you ever gotten so frustrated over something, that you just want to cry?
Lightroom and I have been battling all week with each other. It has simply refused to upload my pictures to Flickr for me, and now I have been left to doing it the old school way.
But on a happier note, how cute is that turkey?
Since Thanksgiving I have become obsessed with turkeys. I dont even care that the season is over for it, he is going to hang out in my kitchen and watch me clean dishes!
He (I should name him...) was waiting for me at Goodwill along with that rad 1957 piece of bowl?
My husband asked me why I purchased it.....
Um, because its old?


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