Friday, December 23, 2011

My Beautiful Little Sister

So did you know I have a beautiful little sister?
A crazy and positive force in my life that gets me rolling the floor in laughter (while trying not to pee myself). Of course there are times I want to beat her in the face with a pillow, but thats what sisters are for right?
If I could describe her in one word: SPUNKY.
Me love you long time sister.
She has a job, and has to look all cute ( I guess), but she was looking too cute and I had an idea up my butt. So I have her lug my big thrifted wingback chair down the driveway, and into the woods and demand that I take photos of her ( even though she was already late for work, sorry).
My first official photo shoot with her, in 3 minutes.
So please stop, stare and comment.


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