Monday, December 12, 2011

Rihanna Called, She Wants Her Hair Back...


Having a little girl time during naptime

For Thanksgiving we did the whole family at our house.
Grrrrrreat time.
EXCEPT for the comments. I mean c'mon they will be said, but still sit under your nerves and you want to break a plate against the wall but you dont, but end up instead freaking out about where the Christmas tree will be set up.
Want to know the comments?
"Rihanna called, she wants her hair back"
"You had SUCH pretty black hair"
Now I know I will get a message from someone, but really its ok. But at the time I was heated.
But amazingly everytime I've been out since then I've gotten compliments on the red, and I loved it. It was fun and way different. I would do it again at a later time. BUT I was again feeling change and was not liking how dead my hair was looking...
So I let my sister color my hair.
Back to black.


LaynahRose said...

don't you dare regret the red for a second.
i love it, honest.

i also love those beautiful blue eyes peeking at me from the first photo.

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