Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!!
I hope you all had a wonderful day. Even through random breakdowns, burnt food, crazy family members, and sick kiddos.
Our Christmas this year was special. It being the first time the kids really understood what was happening. My son knew that santa was coming. It was a great bargaining chip all week to have him calm down while we were out and about. We all slept in, unwrapped presents, complained we were hungry, watch the guys play Risk, then headed out for a mexican dinner.
It was the first time going out for dinner on Christmas day, but I would love to start a new tradition with this. Because after Thanksgiving, I'm done with large dinners for the year.
So with Deep Fried Crunchy tacos, we celebrated this glorious day with friends and family.

(Im sooo ready for that tree to come down tomorrow)


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