Friday, December 23, 2011

The library Escape


1. I cant get enough of the festive bookmarks they give away at the library.
2.  Doesnt Chloe look cute and adorable? Dont be fooled, thats a trouble face.
3. Everytime I walk by this Indian in the Cupboard display I have flashbacks of when I was reading it as a child. It had to have been one of my favorite books. Taking me into a different world, and making me believe that my figurines came to life.
4. That lettuce looks delish. I've got to be starving everytime I get to the library, and I stare at this painting and think of stealing it from those cute little bunnies.
5. My little man demanded a picture be taken. Then he gives me a mugshot. Great.
6. This little mouse needs to come home with me. He will sit next to my sink and read to me while I do my makeup.... and he can bring the indian from the cupboard with him.
7. Chloe being entertained then randomly beating on the keyboard. She is not getting the "gentle" meaning.
9. Bubba had me also take pictures of all the books he picked out. "This is cool mama!"
The library has been part of my life for the past 2 weeks. Dont know why it took me so long to actually search for it, but the drive is totally worth it. The kids load up on an obscene amount of books and stayed entertained for the majority of the day.
Does anyone else enjoy the "feel" of the library?


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