Friday, March 11, 2011

Playdate Casual

top- Indonesia
jeans- Forever 21
shoes- Dollar Store
Yesterday was a good day for being Mom.
I felt so happy, and it was all thanks to a simple playdate. I'll admit its hard for me to make playdates. Either they don't coincide with naptime, or held at a location I know I can't keep both of my wandering children within my peripheral vision.
Fresh air might have been a factor in my euphoria as well. Which made me realize that I need to get out with the kids more. 
So with being on the "happy high" from yesterday I decided for a trip to the library (where I stocked up on the Sookie Stackhouse Series), went to the park (where for the first time I read a book as the kids ran around, it was AMAZING), then promised the kids strawberries and hit up the local farmers market where the kids plumped up on berries and mommy enjoyed a burrito.
Came home to a husband who was doing spring cleaning.
Um, am I in the twilight zone?
** I cant help but laugh at all the inquiries about me missing a personal post yesterday. I am alive, I was sucked into True Blood Season One with the hubs. There was a choice between blogging and my new Vampire love Bill, I chose Bill. Dont hate, and go and watch True Blood.**


Elaine said...

Super cute!

Meredith said...

so so pretty! i love it:) PS: glad you took some "time off" too. so worth it, right? ;)

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