Friday, March 4, 2011

March Fitness Challenge: Day 3: Chin Ups

Day 3 of the March Fitness Challenge and I crossed over to CHIN UPS.
I know, I know, I know, the challenge called for pull ups but I was not moving anywhere on that and hurting my lower back. 
So I downloaded the Twenty Chin Ups App and will start there then graduate to pull ups.
I explain everything else in the video, and you also get to see me grunt and struggle. 
I share too much.


Diana Smith said...

Go you girl!! You look awesome!

TriGirl said...

Stopping over from Comment Love on FTLOB. Can't wait to see how your fitness challenge progresses! Rock on girl!! (Chin ups and pull-ups are *ridonculously* hard!)

KY said...

Stopping by from FTLOB and I'm your newest follower!! Thanks for doing this fitness challenge - I'm considering doing the same on my blog but I'm not sure if I have the courage. We shall see =)

kym @

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