Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Work Space

top- H&M
tights- Target
flats- Target
Sewing Machine- Singer
My workspace is my kitchen table. It's the only place large enough that I can spread out a giant piece of paper and make my sewing patterns. Also its the ONLY space I have to work with. We probably see the top of my table once a week. I make the hubby eat dinner in a selected corner, and he's not allowed to touch anything. 
Not until today did I realize I spend a lot of time ON the table. Then I wonder why I have to keep my kids from breakdancing on the table.
The book is Little Green Dresses, and I have brought it up over & over because its my ONLY book I look to for making my own clothing & patterns. 
If your interested in learning to make your own patterns, BUY IT! It's what I use :)
Christina recommended:
Little Green Dresses: 50 Original Patterns for Repurposed Dresses, Tops, Skirts, and More
Oh, and what was I working on? A Pencil skirt!! It's HOT. I'll wear it tomorrow... so stay tuned:)


Diana Smith said...

Yay I'm excited for the pencil skirt!!! Making patterns is fun. I'll have to check out that book.

Meredith said...

excited! i love me a fab pencil skirt. no secret there. PS: since you're obviously a styln' mama, you're super invited to link up here: if you want to ... i mean. ;)

Jen said...

Oh I want a pencil skirt! I can't wait to see yours!

Poekitten said...

I used to take over the dining room table too...then I got a sewing table...AND a sewing room:) For now anyway! And sometimes it's so much easier to get ON the table to draw/cut/play with fabric.

I came by from FTLOB Comment love day! Happy Sunday!

Elaine said...

Um, love it. Hahahah!

JMay said...

These pics of you are so cute!

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