Friday, March 11, 2011


(picture taken at Zushi train station,  Zushi City, Japan)
I woke up today not knowing what happened in Japan. My TV is normally on Nick Jr or OFF, but this morning I turned it on to only see something about a nuclear plant. I changed the channel. Little did I know of what the rest of Japan was going through.
A part of my heart is in Japan. My son was born on the Yokosuka Naval Base there, and it was our first home as a married couple. 
It hurts my heart to see what happened. It also scares me. Every time a natural disaster happens a part of my heart breaks, no matter where in the world it has happened.
All my love and prayers go out to the Japanese and people in the country. 
Though I've heard that all U.S citizens in Japan were accounted for it didn't give me much peace, I could only think of the Japanese as a whole.
While preparing to post this blog I received a facebook message from a friend, wondering how she could help the Japanese. As of now I do not know. But like I told her the Japanese are a CARING, EFFICIENT, SMART, DEDICATED nation, they will pull through and stick together to rebuild what is lost.
My heart goes to the Japanese, I pray for strength, guidance & love to the nation.
If anyone knows how we can help the Japanese please leave a comment or email me. Thank You.


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