Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March of Hair: The Essentials


Since we are going on this March of Hair quest we NEED to talk about the ESSENTIALS.
Unless you have MAGICAL, FABULOUS, PANTENE PRO-V, VOLUPTUOUS hair, you will NEED to add these things to your repertoire.
1. The Hairbrush- Ok, duh this is a no brainer. You don't need a magical brush. This brush just happens to be the one I use. The wide tooth helps ease the tangles out with out getting all caught up, and the flat wideness of it.... heck I dont know, its ideal for long hair and it works. 
2. The Rat Tail Comb(or any narrow comb) I assure you there will be plenty-O-teasing this month. Back combing creates lift/volume. The "tail" is helpful in zig zagging hair and making the perfect part.
3. Mousse- The ONLY essential that is a "product" and you DONT need to buy any of the special stuff. You may already have a favorite, if not go buy a $2 bottle. Mousse gives volume and holds the style without being stiff.
4. Bobby Pins- Get them in the color of your hair, and get PLENTY. The pins are the backbone to a great 'up-do'.
5. Hair Ties- Thats what I call em. Again, GET THEM IN THE COLOR OF YOUR HAIR, or else it will drive you mad! (or maybe thats just me). 
Do you have all these things?
Then your ready.
If not, go SHOPPING!!


Dominique@Delightfully Domesticated said...

Yay! I have all that stuff! Let's get to it!

Diana Smith said...

agree on the hair ties!! I hate the ones that pull on your hair!

Stocks Family said...

I am excited for this month of hair! I am going to go on the adventure with you! I know my husband will appreciate it and I will feel better for it. Yay!

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