Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March of Hair: Japanese Bun

This girl is toooooo cute.
Plus this is a SIMPLE Japanese bun. I spent the majority of my morning watching bun videos from million different Japanese girls, and this by far was the easiest and PERFECT bun.
Not to long ago I lived in Japan and admired these perfect buns that all the girls with their short uniform skirts were wearing. It was the #1 hairstyle. 
Of course us Americans either thought it was extreme or silently loathed to pull off the perfect Japanese bun. I remember one time going over to my friends Susan apartment, she had made friends with a sweet local girl named Kyoko. Kyoko (forgive me on spelling) always wore her massive bun, so one day she decided to show us, I think we watched with mouths open, in awe, and in denial of ever being able to pull it off.
But now thanks to YOUTUBE, I can become the Japanese Girl.... minus the mini uniform skirt
Dont be scared of the TEASE, you want to build an apartment complex for birds in that bad boy.
Messy is good. There is no PERFECT.


superswift said...

I like very much your bun!. It's very pretty!.

Anonymous said...

have i told you how much i love (LOVE) your bangs? when my hair gets longer I'm totally copying you!

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