Friday, March 4, 2011

I Got a Haircut!!!

Sweater- Target
Dress-- Francescas
Tights- Target
Heels- Rocker Shoe Dazzle
New hair, and I LOVE it!!
Waited for awhile for this new look, had wanted to come into the new year with it, but I guess the time wasn't right. But March of Hair inspired me to get it DONE.
I was SCARED for this cut. Heck I am scared for every cut. Either its a disaster or O.K. 
I had been going to the local beauty school for my haircuts, I figured if someone messed up, someone would be there to fix it and it was only $12! Went it came to bangs though, well I needed a professional.
I went on a limb and just called a salon that I've been to and friends go to. Who I called for wasn't available but was referred to Erica, so I made the appointment.
Showed her some pictures, told her what I liked, and she went to work. She styled the bangs PERFECTLY, uh, I had been nervous but once I saw them cut I was PSYCHED.
So if you are in the Monterey Peninsula check out Venus Salon and ask for Erica :)


Anonymous said...

you look fab! your daughter is soooooooooo cute!!

The Unnatural Mother said...

and it's a great look! You look mahvelous!!

Anonymous said...

Love the bangs! Super cute!

JenniferLeah said...

just beautiful!! :)


Hey hun, thank you so much for you super fabulous comment, I have to admit, I kind of have a crush on those tights. AND your hair looks awesome. I absolutely adore the bangs on you, so, so chic and lovey your adorable dress. xx v

Lindsey said...

You Look Mahvelous Dahling! It's a whole new you!

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