Monday, March 14, 2011

Around The House Mondays: Round 5

Only 2 big thing happened this weekend.
1. The Bachelor Couch: Yep, if you are married you either still have it or its banished to a room or the garage OR you were one of lucky ones and have gotten rid of it. This one was banished but had to be brought it. I cringe. It takes over a very small living room already packed with furniture. I keep telling myself "Only 3 more months, Christina, just 3, breathe". Its so ugly and OLD MAN, but its sooooooo comfy. Once the hubby brought it in I spent the ENTIRE weekend on it.
2. Sookie Stackhouse Series: As you can see from my last post I spent most of last week watching the entire first season of True Blood. So after talking to my SIL I HAD to read the books. On Friday I wandered down to the library for the first four books, and thats what I did all day Saturday & Sunday. ALL DAY, I sat on that bachelor couch, stopping only to feed, read and change diapers for the kids and randomly pat my husband on the head. I really cant express how much I am love with these books, and this might come a shock to some of you but... Twilight kinda sucks after reading these books. Dont go have a heart attack, just go and read the Sookie Stackhouse novels. 
P.S This is no little girl series. It's for the big girls. Anyone else read them?
P.S.S I stayed in my pajamas ALL weekend, I didn't get dressed ONCE. I don't feel THAT bad about it :)
Around The House Mondays


Marci Girl said...

Well now I really want to read them!

Anonymous said...

I have read the whole series. :) I read them SO FAST because 1) they're great books and 2) I had to give them back to a girl in NOLA before we moved :) I won't spoil because you haven't read them, but when you do, call me. :) I'd LOOOVE to gush about them!

P.S. Team Alcide and Team Jacob!

Diana Smith said...

Ohhh that book looks like something I want to read!

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