Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March of Hair: Twisted Bohemian Up do

I'm feeling the need for SUMMER. 
Forget Spring, I NEED heat, a tan, to sweat glisten, to enjoy a/c, to burn my legs on my leather seats in my car. I really just want constant sun. I've been pale to long. Living in a climate of a constant 55-63 degrees gets boring quick. Going to be moving to Louisiana in June, and I know I will be sweating my arse off... I'm looking forward to it. I've lived in humidity before, so I have a clue of what I'm getting myself into.
Let me focus on the subject here, which is HAIR. 
Along with starting to create a wardrobe for the Louisiana heat, I need a slew of hairstyles for it as well. Wearing long hair down in 100% is not ... well its too dang hot.
So here is a lovely twisted bohemian hairstyle. Perfect for short hair, but us with the long hair can pull it off with a bun or ponytail at the base of the neck.


Tim and Monica said...

Looks cute!! I think I'm gonna try it! It'll be great for my THICK CURLY HAIR in Georgia!! lol

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