Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Showers?

Sweater - thrifted
top- nine west
jeans- Forever 21
bag- handmade thrifted fabric
boots- shoedazzle
Though I have been a hermit lately I did appreciate that we did have some sun here. Then this morning I wake up and it feels as though my house is going to blow away and the streets are flooded (in Monterey). Mother Nature make up your mind!!
But during the hassle of getting the kids into the car during a downpour it hit me that this rain might be SPRING SHOWERS!!!!
Are we even out of winter? Can I dream of spring? C'mon there are peeps all over the stores, they are only allowed out during Spring, though recently I have noticed them for every other holiday, blah.
I need some sun. Desperately.
Now for a night full of Ghost Adventures :)



Gorgeous and lovely as always! I adore this comfy, but oh, so chic look. I lovey the mix of yellow + grey. AND I must get some cute boots -love yours! Have a fab weekend. xx veronika

Cookie Crush said...

cute. U love some shoedazzle dont ya. lol. U always take such cute pix. Keep up the good work :0)

styled by 3 said...

I'm so with you!! Please no more winter, please! I'm desperate for some sun!
And I love your boots! I'm kind of a bootaholic- and I think I need those!


Sarah said...

These photos are so cute! Adorable boots.

Ana from Sweet Serendipity Design said...

Your too cute!! Just found your adorable blog through Yours mine and ours. Newest follower :) XOXO

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