Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Family Date Night


Sweater - Target
Top - Forever 21
Cords - Forever 21
Flats - Target
It was a little on the later side by the time I got home and took the picture, hence the grain.
Last night we had a Family Date night. It was to be a Girls Night out but turned into a group outing by bringing along our "better" parts. It was a great time, am I the only one that feels bad by leaving the hubs home with the savages while I live it up with all my cool friends?
Maybe. Sometimes I don't feel bad. 
The kids were crazy though, pushing my mommy freakout limits.
But what else is new?
(to busy eating to even remember to take photos. Arrrr)



Love this outfit, so cute, adore the floaty floral top + those ballet flats are absolutely adorbs, another fab outfit from a very stylish gal. xx v

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