Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coming Soon: The Paper Bag Skirt Tutorial

The Paper Bag Skirt Tutorial
Did you think I forgot?
I have been dreaming about it! Seriously I have, then this morning 3 people ask me about it. We all must work on the same frequency :) Been tossing it around in my mind now for a couple weeks. But can I say I've been a sucker on what fabric I've been wanting to use...
I was going to send out a poll asking if a video tutorial was preferred, then I brought it up to the hubs and he said "Of course everyone will want a video tutorial".
So thats what I will be doing! There will be directions to read and also to watch.
So get ready!
You will need:
3/4 inch elastic (length will be the measurement of your waist)
1 1/2 yards fabric 
 sewing machine 
coordinating thread.
THRIFT YOUR FABRIC: (unless you have some treasured fabric that will be perfect for the job) Head to your local thrift store and dig through the BEDDING area. Thats where I find all my fabric, I sometimes even use bedsheets if the print is what I like. Or head over to the dress section and find a dress that is 2 sizes larger and restyle it! I like maxi dresses because there isn't to much detailing and plenty of fabric to work with.
The tutorial will be up by this weekend. Going to attempt to make the video during naptime, but I don't know how well that will work out, so I might need to wait till Friday and have the hubs be camera man.
I'm so EXCITED!!!


rebecca said...

oh goodness i cannot sew for my life! but i really really want to learn. i have so many skirts and dresses envisioned in my head but i simply do not have the talent to make them. i'm excited for this tutorial!


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